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Monday, March 1, 2021

Rakesh Tikait announces ‘peaceful’ Chakka Jam on 6 February, Delhi Police promptly sees violence on 26 January

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कृषि सुधार क़ानूनों का विरोध बीते 72 दिनों से जारी है और कथित ‘आंदोलन’ की आड़ में अराजकता की कई घटनाएँ सामने आईं। इस बात की सटीक मिसाल थी 26 जनवरी 2021 को राजधानी दिल्ली में हुई ‘ट्रैक्टर रैली’ जिसमें बड़े पैमाने पर हिंसा हुई। हाल ही में प्रदर्शनकारियों ने ऐलान किया था कि 6 फरवरी को दोपहर 12 बजे से दिन के 3 बजे तक चक्का जाम किया जाएगा। अब इस बारे में राकेश टिकैत ने बयान दिया है। उनका कहना है कि ये चक्का जाम 'शांतिपूर्ण' होगा। 

Media reports According to Rakesh Tikait, the national spokesperson of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, appealed to his supporters on Chakka Jam on 6 February. In the appeal, he said that those who cannot come to the protest venue, stay wherever they are and jam the wheel in a ‘peaceful manner’. There should not be any violence and disturbance during Chakka Jam. On the other hand, a meeting of several Delhi Police officials is going on with the Delhi Police Commissioner regarding the ‘Chakka Jam’ of farmers. The police is preparing to deal with every emergency on its behalf.

Earlier, leader of the United Kisan Morcha Balbir Singh Rajewal had said that on February 6, there will be protests across the country and during this time he will also stop the roads. The government is not ready to listen to anything, so this is the only way to communicate. Farmer leader Jagtar Singh Bajwa also jammed Told you about, “The driveway will be jammed on the highways of all the states and cities of the country on 6 February. The protesters are already sitting in Delhi, so there will not be any situation of flywheel jam here. There will be traffic jam in other areas of the country tomorrow (6 February 2021). ”

A total of 38 FIRs have so far been registered and 84 accused have been arrested for the violence during the tractor parade of farmers on Republic Day (26 January). This information was given by the Delhi Police on Saturday (January 30, 2021). On Republic Day, there was a clash between farmer protesters and police in different areas of Delhi, in which many people were injured and many places were ransacked.

During this time, the biggest controversy was over the flag hoisted at the Red Fort and the vandalism that took place there. Thousands of protesters broke into the Red Fort complex and smashed the goods there and hoisted a religious flag near the ramparts. More than 300 policemen were injured in the skirmish. The crime branch of the Delhi Police is investigating this incident. Several teams have been engaged in identifying the culprits.

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