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Sunday, February 28, 2021

‘Ram Setu’ First Look: Akshay Kumar gave the surprise film ‘Ram Setu’ and released the first poster on Diwali

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Akshay Kumar definitely surprises his fans. Akshay does not miss any opportunity to entertain his fans on the big screen. Apart from the recently released film ‘Laxmi’, the actor surprised fans with another new film on Diwali. The film is titled ‘Ram Setu’, whose announcement was made by Akshay today. Sharing the first glimpse of Ram Setu, the actor shared that he wants people to know the ideals of Lord Rama and “build a bridge to connect generations.”

Diwali released poster
Talking about the film, the actor wrote, “This Diwali, we will try to keep Rama’s ideals alive in the consciousness of all Indians by constructing a bridge (Setu), which will connect generations to come. This huge task Moving on, here. Our humble effort is – RAM SETU! Hearty greetings to you and Deepawali on your behalf! ”

Akshay and Shri Ram in the poster
In the poster, Akshay is standing in the getup of a common man and behind him is a large picture of Lord Ram. According to the information so far, the film is associated with Sri Ram Bhagwan who went to Sri Lanka to build Ram Setu and killed Lankapati Ravana there. There are many misconceptions about this bridge even today. In the film poster of Akshay it is written that truth or imagination.

Who is doing direct
The film is to be directed by Abhishek Sharma, who has previously directed films like Tere Bin Laden, Paramanu: The Story of Pokhran, The Shoukens and others. The film will be produced by Aruna Bhatia and Vikram Malhotra and Drs. Chandraprakash Dwivedi will be the creative producer.

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