Ramirez in the 9-run 2nd, the Guardians won the White Sox in Game 1

Ramirez in the 9-run 2nd, the Guardians won the White Sox in Game 1

Cleveland ( Associated Press) – Jose Ramirez scored his second big win of the season as Cleveland defenders raised the Dallas Quechle and beat the Chicago White Sox 11-1 on Wednesday in a doubleheader opening in a nine-second inning.

Cleveland won on the field for the first time under his new name. The Guardians lost their first three in the Progressive Field this season.

“That was good,” says Cleveland Peter Shane Bieber. “The longer our poets are, the better. The second was longer.”

The guards had eight straight games against Ketchel (1-1) before the former Sai Young won the title in a matter of seconds.

“I look back on the movie,” says Keschel. “I was trying my best. Keep touching your hat.

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Chicago did not help his left-hand much, he made four errors in the first two innings – three by All-Star shortstop team Tim Anderson – contributing to missing pair runs.

“When you think you saw it all, you really didn’t see it,” Quuschel said.

Ramirez, who signed a seven-year, $ 141 million contract last week, leads the Reds with 19 RBI. His great salute was Cleveland’s third in 10 games to start the season.

Bieber (1-0) won for the first time since June 8, 2021, allowing him to run one run and four in six innings. The former Sai Young Award winner has won seven without walking.

Josh Nylor and Oscar Mercado scored two goals, while Miles Straw scored three runs for the keepers. Second player Gabriel Arias made his Premier League debut, scoring and running.

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When Anderson doubled Adam Angle, the White Sox came on the board in the sixth.

“The manager did not prepare them for the game,” said Chicago general manager La La Rosa. “I’ll take the heat for that.”

The games between the White Sox and Cleveland on Monday and Tuesday have been postponed due to rain and cold, prompting the addition of a traditional double head to the program.

A quick trip

White Sox RHP Lucas Giolito joins the Cleveland squad after a 10-day injury list with a hamstring strain in Glendale, Arizona on Tuesday. Jolito says he will be active and will start in Minnesota on Sunday.

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Coaching class

White Sox: Eloi Jimenez (left ankle pain) was taken out of line after a pre-match injury, but was found to be in a coma. Jimenez suffered an ankle injury on April 13 against Seattle.

Guardians of Pop 1B Owen Miller, RHP Cal Quantrill and RHP Anthony Castro are on the list of victims of CV-19. Miller leads the majors with an .500 batting average and 1,509 OPS. Quantrel is scheduled to start next Friday.


White Sox RHP Jimmy Lambert (0-1, 6.00 ERA) will face off against RHP Triston McKenzie (0-1, 2.57 ERA) in the night cap.


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