Randy Orton received a threat from a famous Superstar


Randy Orton will return on this episode of WWE SmackDown. The fans seem to be excited about it. Meanwhile, Santos Escobar has now advised Randy not to be part of the Blue brand. He also targets Rey Mysterio here.

Santos Escobar appeared on the latest edition of WWE’s The Bump. Meanwhile, he talks about the return of Randy Orton and threatens him. Santos said that he already fired Rey Mysterio from the company due to his injury and now he can do the same to Randy. They said,

“I just heard Randy Orton is on SmackDown. Is it true? I hope he’s not. I know he’s a legend killer but I just saw a legend (Rey Mysterio) come out. Did it. t want to throw him out either. So if he’s watching this show, I hope he doesn’t come on the show.”

Santos Escobar threatened another legend on WWE’s The Bump show. He pointed to Rey Mysterio and called him a hypocrite. Santos said that Mysterio used to consider him as the future of Lucha Libre but after his exit from LWO, he has now given that position to Dragon Lee. They said,

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“They are hypocrites. Where are we now? Are we living in the past, or are we living in the future, No, we live in the present. Let me tell you that a few months ago I was called the future of Lucha Libre. Has Dragon Lee found that place now?”

Can Randy Orton wreak havoc on WWE SmackDown?

Randy Orton threatened Bloodline on the last episode of Raw. Because of this, he can target this top-heel faction while returning on the episode of SmackDown. Santos Escobar threatens him and it shows that this match will also be seen on the show.