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Friday, February 26, 2021

Ratan Lal was doing duty, returned from Ankit duty and went out to eat innocent Nitin Chowmin: remember Delhi’s anti-Hindu riots

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The anti-Hindu riots in Delhi have completed 1 year and at the same time the wait for justice for the families of Hindus killed in this riot is also increasing. All the accused, including Tahir Hussain, are being heard in the court in this case. Delhi Police is presenting the charge sheet on the charge sheet, but the fear is still hovering over the Hindus of Delhi. When there will be riots in Delhi struggling with agitations, it cannot be said.

On the day of Republic Day, the way violence was done in the name of the peasant movement, this fear is repeatedly exposed. Then the Muslims were tricked, now this is being done to the Sikhs. In the end, either someone is alienated, or a stranger is accused. For example, in the Delhi riots it was said that this happened due to Kapil Mishra. While for the Red Fort violence he said that Deep Sidhu does not belong to his gang.

Talking about the Delhi riots, it was plotted in 4 main stages. In the first phase, other Islamic organizations, including PFI, demonstrated against CAA in universities and provoked students. In the second phase, dharnas like Shaheen Bagh, which we will discuss further. The third phase saw a flood of anti-Hindu symbols and activities. In the fourth phase, the attacks on Hindus started after the hateful statements of heirs like Pathan.

Muslim women also threw bricks and stones from their roofs. People from Muslim families had already taken their students from schools. Faisal Farooq’s school became a den of rioters. Tahir Hussain’s factory became the site of rioters. Hindu shops were lightly lit. Petrol bombs and stones were used – on the lines of Kashmir. Then the media started showing how the Muslims saved the Hindus. But from whom?

Delhi violence: Wikipedia and Kapil Mishra

An easy way to spread international propaganda about anything is to put it on Wikipedia with the same narrator, or print it on a foreign news portal. When you go to the Wikipedia page of the Delhi riot, it is written that mainly Muslims were targeted in this riot and this riot happened due to ‘provocative statement’ by BJP leader Kapil Mishra.

That inflammatory statement has also been mentioned – “We will come on the streets.” It has also been described as a threat. Now you see, hundreds of people who had jammed many main streets of Delhi for 100 days, did not riot. But, when someone talked about sitting on the road, it became a riot? What is this equation? Actually, this is the leftist neuter, under which the pain of Hindu victims was hidden in this riot.

Before the statement of Kapil Mishra, the riot started in Delhi, it is also revealed by a person’s Facebook Live – which Opindia also told you then. This video of the said person was only half an hour before the statement of Kapil Mishra, in which the misdeeds of the people are being captured by those who run brick and stone. Similarly, in many other areas, the situation got worse. Has there been a petrol bomb found on the roof of a Hindu?

The matter went to court and along with Kapil Mishra, leaders like Anurag Thakur were also dragged. His fault was that he gave a speech. Those who had been spreading anarchy for 3 months were targeted to protect those who were opposing those anarchists. While our ground report showed that in many areas even temples were not spared.

Remember those who succumbed to Islamic violence

We have to go back a year to learn about how the Hindu fundamentalists brutally killed Hindus in the Delhi riots. Ratan Lal, the head constable with a mustache like the then wing commander Abhinandan, was beaten to death. He was the first Hindu to be killed during the riots. Ratanlal was brutally killed by the radical Islamic mob while he was doing his duty on the Wazirabad Road in Chand Bagh.

Mustakim aka Sameer Saifi has confessed to his crime in the murder of Rahul Solanki in Shiv Vihar during the anti-Delhi Hindu riots in Shiv Vihar. Saifi was also active in the CAA protests near the Farukhia Mosque. Rahul Solanki was doing LLB from a private college in Ghaziabad. He left his home to take milk when the rioters shot him in the right shoulder near his throat.

Ankit Sharma was so brutally murdered that he had dozens of scars on his body and was stabbed several times. They were dragged to the building of Tahir Hussain (then AAP councilor) and killed by several people there. Apart from Tahir, Anas, Feroz, Javed, Gulfam, Shoaib Alam, Salman, Najim, Qasim and Sameer Khan are also involved in the murder of Ankit Sharma.

On February 26, Alok Tiwari, who came out of the house after having dinner, could not return home. He was stoned and injured by rioters and breathed his last at GTB Hospital. Hari Singh Solanki, a resident of Mustafabad, lost his son Rohit Solanki. Rohit was to be married in April 2020. Dilbar Singh Negi was set ablaze by a mob of rioters in a burning house after being cut off with a sword. Later, the video of Dilbar Negi, who was burnt to ashes, also went viral.

Similarly, Vinod Kumar fell prey to the crowd proclaiming Allah-Hu-Akbar and Nara A. Takbir. On February 26, 15-year-old Nitin came out of his house in Gokulpuri to take Chowmin. He was hit by something and the injury was so deep that he died while undergoing treatment at the hospital. Vivek, 19, was attacked and pierced in his head by a drill machine. Dinesh, a Dalit, came out to fetch milk for the children, but was shot in the head.

The seed of Delhi riots flourished in Shaheen Bagh

Due to Shaheen Bagh movement, common people had to face trouble. During this disturbance that lasted for more than 100 days, the road was stopped for the same number of days, from which more than 1 lakh trains passed every day. Children were late for school, patients died due to not reaching the hospital at the right time, and working people had to go to office by other routes.

By February 2020, the board exams of students had also started. Many times a petition was filed in the Supreme Court to vacate the road, but initially it was dismissed as a police case. The epidemic act was openly violated during the corona virus infection and lockdown. Finally the Delhi Police removed him from there. His objective was also successful after the BJP’s defeat in the Delhi Assembly elections.

But, have you seen any leftist media institution asking why the general public was disturbed in Shaheen Bagh till date? Wikipedia has written that this anti-CAA movement became ‘anti-women oppression, pro-democracy, anti-dictatorship and anti-poverty unemployed’ – everyone’s movement. Did these problems bring the Modi government? They were already there, which the Modi government reduced.

Questions not asked by whose leaders rioted

Those who shouted the name of Kapil Mishra never asked the Aam Aadmi Party, whose one of the then councilors was found to be the main conspirator of the riot. No one asked Ishrat Jahan, who used to be a councilor of the Congress. Unlike the Congress and the AAP, the BJP was overturned. On various sources, you will be told by the statements of the leaders of these two parties, how guilty BJP leaders were.

Delhi still needs to be careful. The Chief Minister here openly tells people to come and agitate here. Drain-water is provided to miscreants. Since the Delhi Police is under the Ministry of Home Affairs and BJP’s President Amit Shah is the Union Home Minister, that’s why the whole drama plays here. Those who were anti-CAA are the rioters of Delhi and now they are playing a game of violence in the name of agricultural laws.

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