Rayo: Even epic can’t hide shortcomings (2-2)

Rayo: Even epic can't hide shortcomings (2-2)

Without football and victories, there is always an irreplaceable travel companion that never leaves Sevilla FC: the epic. In the last play of the game, and with goalkeeper Nyland stepping up to finish the corner, Mendilibar’s team managed to salvage at least a point against Vallecano Ray in it Sánchez-Pizjuán (2-2) thanks for an imperial title from Youssef En-Nesyri. It was a golden point that in the 95th minute nobody relied on Nervión. A stone doesn’t matter. Until that precise moment, it can be said that Deliver I have a foot and a half. His Sevilla team threw the first half in a terrible way, against a Rayo team that wiped them from the field with two goals from Óscar Valentín and Álvaro García. The coach also pointed out a similar symbol Fernando he was replaced in the 37th minute by the Brazilian’s anger and all respectability. Moving on, the film changed because only this group subscribed to the impossible and the works knew how to do it. SOWING He closed the gap with a great goal and En-Nesyri gave the ecstasy point.

But the tie tree does not cultivate the dark forest. Sevilla FC did not start, its fans were at the limit and Mendilibar washed his credit. Against Rayo, another deafening result to settle in dangerous mediocrity. That regret from the Sánchez-Pizjuán stand shows: there is no right to go to another break with the ship half lost and watching the descent. Two weeks is a long time. Before the match, the story was sold that Sevilla FC is improving, improving … Not a trace of it. The results are nowhere to be seen. The Mendilibar team, since the official competition started at the beginning of August, has won only two games from the eleven it has played, suffering against recently promoted teams like Las Palmas and low placed in Almería.

Twelve months have passed since Sampaoli took the reins at Sevilla to try to correct the course of a team that was ‘dead’ with Lopetegui. This Sevilla has one point less than the other. It’s a kind of menacing déjà vu and the doubts are huge. Now comes the pause, the reflection and the decisions. And then, a tortuous schedule, because before the end of the month Real Madrid and Arsenal must come to Sánchez-Pizjuán, with the last fireworks in Nuevo Mirandilla in Cádiz.

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The coach received some criticism for gathering too many veterans in his eleven in the last match in Eindhoven (the team suffered a lot from this situation at the physical level in the first half of PSV), so he they were ‘killed’ by one of almost everyone when designing their lineup to face Rayo. Mendilibar left Navas, Rakitic and even Sergio Ramos on the bench. He just kept Fernando in the center… although he also ended up wiping him off the map before the break in a decision that raised blisters on the Brazilian and the entire Sánchez-Pizjuán stand. Zaldívar’s coach got a lot of heavyweights.

Regardless of the lineup, the memorable bath of football and guts that Francisco’s team gave Sevilla in the first 45 minutes of the match was simply not justified. Rayo exposed the locals on all lines, starting with a veritable verbena defense that rolled out the red carpet for the visitors. The people from Madrid were uncomfortable from the beginning, very dangerous, ruled by daggers on the side of Isi Palazón and the Utrerano and Sevilla player Álvaro García. They are great butchers, without a doubt. A litmus test that marked all the Sevillistas on the pitch, with their coach at the helm.

In the 16th minute, Isi gave the Nervión team a warning of what was to come with a point-blank shot that was stopped by Nyland. Just five minutes later, with a lateral free kick taken by Cieza’s own midfielder, cold water was poured on Nervión. Gudelj’s failed clearance hit the post and Óscar Valentín appeared on the scene to grab the rebound and pocket it unopposed in Nyland’s goal. 0-1. Murmur of Nervión.

A murmur that soon turned into whistles of the second goal of the Madrid team. Raúl de Tomas made a run at Álvaro García and he, with extreme coldness, stood in front of Nyland to beat him with a ‘picadita’ over the top. The whistles turned into a Sánchez-Pizjuán fight. 0-2. Rayo, by the way, already won last year in Nervión with another good goal from Álvaro, a self-confessed Sevilla player.

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Mendilibar finished setting the show on fire by removing Fernando from the field in the 37th minute. Rakitic took his place and the Brazilian went straight to the locker room making disapproving gestures on the bench. Say ‘no’ over and over again. That’s when the stands exploded. The decibels went up. The coach appointed one of the most loved players among the fans. Only the final result will determine whether his decision is right or not. It is true that the pivot did not play his best game, but it is also clear that there are other players who have a worse performance on the green … Suso, Óliver and even Acuña, to name a few. Almost none of the eleven survived.

With a captain at the feet of the horses, the first half was dying and the score 0-2 did not work, despite a good chance of extremis by Acuña that was aborted by the visiting goalkeeper Dimitrievski. This was almost the only sign of reaction from a overwhelmed Sevilla. At half-time, Mendilibar’s speech to his team could have been extraordinary. The players bowed their heads and gritted their teeth. At the very least, we should decorate the horror of the first half by pouring the rest of the field. That was it. At least the image of the team changed with a good start to the second half. It was clearly helped by the double change of coach, who benched Acuña and Óliver Torres to bring in Pedrosa and Ocampos.

However, one of the most persistently pushing the car was young player Juanlu, who gave his all in the 77 minutes he played before being replaced by Navas. He overflows, fights and places the centers of all colors. After the restart he put the first goal to En-Nesyri, which the Moroccan could not take advantage of. With Sevilla on the back foot and, now, Rayo cornered, Sow managed to close the gap with a shot from outside the area where Dimitrievski was helpless. 1-2 points inspire hope that seems impossible in the first act.

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Another good play by Juanlu on the right almost resulted in Suso’s goal, but Lejeune crossed a save to save Rayo. The young Sevilla player led the ‘revolt’ and furiously incited the stands. Juanlu also had one of Sevilla’s few chances in an embarrassing first half. Those from Mendilibar pushed and pushed, to the point that the second half of the battle became almost a monologue.

  • Sevilla FC
    Newland; Juanlu (Jesus Navas 78′), Bade, Gudelj, Acuña (Pedrosa 46′); Ferdinand (Rakitic 37′), Sow; Suso (Rafa Mir 80′), Oliver Torres (Ocampos 46′), Lukébakio; and En-Nesyri.
  • Vallecano Ray
    Dimitrievsky; Balliu, Aridane, Lejeune, ‘Earth’ Hawthorn; Pathé Ciss, Oscar Valentine (Kike Perez 83′); Isi Palace (De Frutos 83′), Trejo (Unai Lopez 55′), Alvaro Garcia (Pep Chavarria 83′); and De Thomas (Camel 69′).
  • Referee
    Díaz de Mera (Committee of Castilian-Manchego). Yellow for Gudelj, Sow, Suso, Jesús Navas, Aridane and Kike Pérez. He also scolded Joan Jordán for protesting after the final whistle.
  • Goals
    0-1 (21′) Oscar Valentín; 0-2 (27′) Alvaro Garcia; 1-2 (50′) Sowing; 2-2 (96′) En-Nesyri.
  • state
    Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán. 35,817 viewers.

The tie could come down to several dangerous attempts by the locals, such as a poisoned shot by Lukebakio that was also blocked by the Rayo goalkeeper. A Rayo who until the end decided to wear his overalls and guard his precious result tooth and nail… it was not going to be achieved. Sevilla’s desire found at least the prize of the point. With a corner kick taken by Rakitic, En-Nesyri rose to the skies of Nervión and signed the final 2-2 with his head in the last game of the match. The epic of this club. Golden point, seen seen. Suffered so much… too much. It does not serve as anesthesia for a panorama of dark gray. This Sevilla FC has worse points than last year at this point, which is more than enough to cause alarm.


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