Read this before giving Apple accessories this Christmas

thin braided wallet magsafe iphone 15

You must have started thinking about the perfect gift for your friends or family. For Apple products, accessories are always a popular choice. Let’s take a look at everything that Apple has to offer.

Good braiding accessories, they are not for everyone

I have been using good braiding accessories for months on my iPhone 15 Pro. One of the first impressions I had when touching the material was its velvety texture. Although it seemed attractive at first glance, I soon realized that it was not for me. Personally, I prefer the softer, more classic texture of other materials like silicone.

As it is not enough, the quality of the material is questionable. Especially in its strength. After a few months of use, I noticed obvious signs of wear. In addition, the type of wear that this material offers is not the same as the leather cases and wallets offered even by Apple.

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Apple sells this accessory as if it is part of its range premium It’s about and I feel bad saying it’s not true. Apple needs to improve the quality of this material if it really wants to replace the previous leather accessories.

Thin Braided Wallet Magsafe Iphone 15

Recommendations for your Christmas shopping

Because of this experience, I would like to share my recommendation this Christmas. If you’re thinking about gifting Apple accessories, especially iPhone cases or MagSafe wallets, consider buying materials that offer extra durability.

My first recommendation is the Apple silicone case. It not only provides good protection to your device, but also maintains their appearance and texture over time. Silicone provides a comfortable grip, ensuring your iPhone is protected without compromising comfort.

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When it comes to MagSafe wallets, my favorite option is the leather ones. Although it seems like a more classic option, leather is still an elegant material. Not only does it withstand the passage of time better, but it also develops a unique patina with use, which adds a distinctive touch.

Silicone Case Iphone 15 Pro Brown

Choose well for a lasting gift

In conclusion, before you decide to do Christmas shopping at the Apple Store, think carefully about the material of the Apple accessories you plan to give as gifts. Based on my experience, the new fine braid material may not be the best choice if you are looking for long-term durability. This material proved to be not as strong as expected and also has a unique texture that may not be to everyone’s liking. So, I’m considering that choice silicone cases and leather wallets This will be a safer bet and the key to a gift that will stand the test of time. In addition, silicone cases update their colors depending on the season, so you can find colors that perfectly match the season of the year and its colors. We hope these tips help you buy the perfect gift. Happy holidays and happy shopping!