Friday, September 29, 2023

Real estate crisis: the dance of the hypocrites

Currently, it depends on which politician will shout the loudest to denounce the real estate crisis affecting Quebec and Canada.

“It’s awful! ”

” This is unacceptable ! ”

” We have to do something ! ”

As if we had just discovered the problem! As if the experts hadn’t warned us it was coming!


I apologize, but when I was editor-in-chief of the weekly SeeA few decades ago we constantly talked about the real estate crisis!

Not a week went by without the FRAPRU (Popular Action Front for Urban Redevelopment, founded in 1978) organizing a demonstration to draw the authorities’ attention to the glaring lack of affordable housing!

It’s very simple, at that time there were two great causes that monopolized Montreal activists: the fight against AIDS and the fight for the right to housing.

And we act as if this problem is new?

Please !

Take Montreal as an example, where the crisis is most acute…

It’s been years since Montreal became Condoville. The development of the Griffintown district is one of the biggest urban failures in the history of the metropolis, if not of Quebec. A horror.

Which mayor spoke out against this situation?

How many millions of dollars has Mayor Valérie Plante (who comes from the community sector) invested in the development of bike paths, so that the fools of the Plateau can go buy their fair trade salt and their organic pastry on a bicycle?

Was that a priority?

Was that the big problem in Montreal, a city that drowns in snow six months a year? The lack of bike lanes?

The impossibility of traveling the Camilien-Houde route at full speed on your titanium racing bike?


The same gross hypocrisy at the provincial level.

It was just announced that the REM through Montreal will cost $8 billion.

As far as I know, being able to travel up to DIX30 on a driverless electric train is not an essential necessity.

While the accommodation, yes.

As for the federal level, we don’t talk about that.

The hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau’s government on housing is downright obscene.

With the right side of his mouth, the Prime Minister deplores the housing crisis… while with the left side he raises the immigration threshold to 500,000 new arrivals a year!!!

Hello ???????

Is there someone ?????

Where are we going to put them?

This week, Justin Trudeau announced with great fanfare the construction of a 42-unit low-income housing unit in London, Ontario.

He National mail He made a funny calculation.

Last month, Canada welcomed 3,300 new immigrants a day.

A 42-unit unit like the one we built in Ontario will be able to accommodate the number of immigrants entering Canada in… 45 minutes!!!

The federal government promises the construction of 100,000 homes by 2025.

However, according to experts, 3.5 million homes should be built to stop the crisis!


Once again, it’s too little too late.

It is always so. Always.

We don’t plan ahead.

We only start desperately looking for solutions when the tsunami of shit starts hitting the fan.


Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois stated that Québec solidaire will not participate in the Facebook boycott, because it is only a symbolic gesture that will serve no purpose.

She is not like Catherine Dorion, who insisted on dressing softly in the National Assembly.

That was concrete! A revolutionary gesture that profoundly changed the lives of Quebecers!

The same goes for Amir Khadir, who threw one of his shoes on a photograph of George W. Bush.

That was solid, comrades! An act that transformed America from top to bottom!


“The best argument against the supposed benefits of democracy is a five-minute conversation with a person on the street corner,” said Winston Churchill.

Every time I see a Guy Nantel vox pop, I think of this famous phrase.

How can these people make informed decisions about the future of their society if they know nothing about anything?

I try to combat my discouragement by telling myself that these idiots only represent a small part of the population.

Well, I hope…

Otherwise, we’re in trouble, folks!


In France, left-wing intellectuals found the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup (held in Paris) repugnant because it celebrated traditional French culture: the baguette, the glass of red wine, the bicycle, the camisole, the musette . ball…

For them this ceremony was reactive, fascist!

But when it is a country in Africa or Asia that celebrates its traditional culture, its heritage and its folklore, then suddenly it is cool, charming, fantastic!

Clearly, hatred of the West is alive and well among leftists…

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