Real Madrid: Ancelotti: “A player should not apologize if he works… and Joselu always works”


Carlo Ancelotti He has many reasons to be happy: Nico’s goal, the perfect performance in the Champions League, Rodrygo’s chance, Bellingham’s game… The Italian coach believes that Madrid is on the right path and praised the game of his team against Naples, although there is a ‘but’: “We should have been more aggressive in the lower block.”

Nico Paz: “He gave everything we expected. For him it was a special night. He is a player for the future of Madrid, because he has all the qualities needed to be a Madrid player. He contributes to the team in a time of need”

Bellingham: “He surprises every day, every game. He surprises everyone, he is a gift for football. The coach of Madrid and the fans are happy for him, but I think the whole world of football is happy to see a young a man with this potential and this positive image.

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The team game: “I think it was a fair, competitive game. In terms of playing the ball we did well, managing to start from behind. In the defensive aspect we could have done better. We were organized, but not very aggressive. We showed more energy in the last phase of the game”:

From Metropolitano, ten wins and two draws: “I think that in the game against Atlético we conceded three goals from the center, we didn’t control the area well with the center backs. Since then, we touched the full-backs and now the we feel. we should have been stronger.”

Fatigue: “We are tired, we have a lot of players with cramps, but this is normal. It was a game with a lot of energy.”

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Leadership in Bellingham: “He is a serious, professional young man. He has adapted well in the locker room. He works, he understands others very well … He needs to improve his Spanish. Nobody is perfect.”

Bellingham and Zidane comparison: “It is difficult to compare two different generations, but what I see is different is that Bellingham has more reach in the area and Zidane has more individual quality. But this is modern football today, more vertical players with reach.”

Bellingham said deceived: “I’m not going to get into the issue of what it costs Bellingham.”

Joselu: “He has done his job. I don’t ask a striker to always score goals. He works hard. That he scores goals is important for him, but a player should only apologize if he doesn’t work and he always works.”

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