Real Madrid face another hurdle in signing Mbappe

Real Madrid face another hurdle in signing Mbappe

Kilian mbappe His contract expires on June 30 and he wants to play in real Madrid. In fact, he sent a letter to the PSG offices last June announcing that he would not be renewing his contract. Looked at it this way, it sounds simple, but when it comes to signing the best player in the world, things are not that simple, no matter how much it is said that everything will be decided in January, then in February. And Maybe it’s time to say March, Maybe Qian has already made the decision, but neither he nor those around him confirm it.

It is true that the ball is now in Real Madrid’s court, But since he got there, many people came Paris Those who have been dealing with the world of Mbappé for years already knew that it was not going to be all good. And even more so if the White Club is adamant that this time everything will be done under its terms.

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But there has been a clash with Madrid Faiza Lamari, A ruthless madwoman, an unyielding woman who doesn’t hide and who wants to impose her terms even when Killian is ready to give up. And it seems they are a long way from what the White Club has to offer at the moment. Kilian’s representative said, “If they had offered us 10,000 million, we would have accepted. That’s the system.” In his last interview when they asked him about the last renewal with PSG.

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PSG, for their part, are calm, knowing that the match is now being played in Madrid. While Kylian hasn’t signed anything Princes Park They are sensible. Al Khelaifi, Luis Campos and Luis Enrique want the forward to stay But the player has made an agreement with all three long ago which they expect to fulfill if he leaves.

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In Paris they understand any decision the player makes, whether ending his time in France or accepting Al Khelaifi’s renewal offer, but He believes that PSG is above Kylian and any other footballer. A plan has been drawn up with or without Mbappé and the club is not going to bend to the wishes of any of its players. Qatar decided to change the club’s policy at the end of last season, putting Luis Enrique in charge of the team and building a youth group with a future that has Mbappé as a reference.

Therefore the scenario appears to have changed., Madrid wants the player and PSG are on the same page, but they both say the club’s stability and balance are paramount. Both insist on exposing their positions.

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