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Reasons why you can reduce the size of the penis

This loss of penile length may be permanent, may be the result of some deformity, or may be due to lifestyle habits.

if he penis can shrink For various reasons. In medical term when this happens it is called Sacrifice hey shrink penis, Is shortening of height may be permanent, the result of some Pathologyor because of lifestyle habits, Every man may be worried about it and wonder what is the normal size of male genitalia or what factors or habits lead to this limb shrinking, Here we are telling you about the reasons for shrinking in the size of the penis.


It is one of the most common factors for Shrinkage of the penis and testicles. as men age, they accumulate fat deposits in the arteries, which reduces blood flow To the organ it causes cavernous tissue weakening, where the blood vessels responsible for getting an erection are filled with blood. If the blood flow is less, the erection will be smaller and weaker.

taking certain medications

Taking certain medications can contribute to reducing penis size, such as drugs used for penis enlargement Lack of attention from o activism some antidepressants why antipsychotics or for the treatment of certain medical treatments enlarged prostate.

scar tissue formation

intercourse and rough activities such as sports can cause small limb injurieswhich may constitute scar tissue in the limb. This buildup of scar tissue affects erectile tissue Spongy parts of the penis, which cause it to shrink and cause difficulty in erection.

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weight gain

We should not forget that among the reasons for shrinking penis size weight gain, stored fat The member looks smaller on the abdomen and pubis. It must be said that this is not a shrinkage, in fact the reason it looks smaller is because the penis is attached to the abdominal wall and when the abdomen expands, pulls the organ in, When you lose weight, it is common for the penis to return to both its normal size and shape.

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Smoking can not only affect erection size but is also linked to erectile dysfunction. that’s because chemical products can of cigarettes damage to blood vessels, prevents it from filling with blood and dilating. It is important to say that when the blood vessels are damaged, the penis will not get an erection even if it is erect external stimuli which inspires him to do so.

Peyronie’s disease or curvature of the penis

Peyronie’s is a disease that makes a curve in the penis during erection and at the same time can produce a shortening of height and its perimeter. this disease affects 23% of men between the ages of 40 and 70Although according to data from various sources, it is also diagnosed in people over 30 years old.

In Peyronie’s disease, fibrous scar tissue develops in an area inside the penis called Tunica albugineaIt is the layer that surrounds the glans body of the penis and causes it to curve during erection.

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