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Recent attacks on the Christian foundation of Australia


One of the most peculiar features of modern-day Australia is that opponents of religious expression often accept that Christian beliefs are irreparable. divisive, big and irrational. As a result, Christians and organizations can now be prosecuted for simply living their traditional religious beliefs.

Even Christian schools may not be allowed to teach students about gender and sexuality according to traditional values.

The choice of the ruling elite of the country to defend so-called self-identifying “victim” groups has resulted in an undesirable confrontation between existing groups, where each group tends to to deny that you have any obligation to the values ​​of other groups.

It is certainly not about real “diversity”, but rather about government control and regulation through division and separation in the line of religion, ethnicity, and so on.

It is simply the re-application of the ancient Roman strategy of ‘divide-and-conquer’ to destabilize competing civilizations by turning people against each other and ultimately directing everyone towards an ‘all-encompassing, all-encompassing’ government.

As far as Christianity is concerned, hostility to its beliefs has been a steady upward trend over the years. As noticed by Michael Quinlan, professor and dean of law at the University of Notre Dame, Australia, “Some believe that even discussion of the traditional Christian view of sexual morality, abortion, euthanasia or marriage is hateful, offensive and offensive.”

Cardinal convicted
Protest Joe Mitchell (83) is holding banners against the church as he drove more than 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) from his home in Newcastle, New South Wales, to the Court of Appeal in Victoria, Melbourne, Australia on June 5, 2019. . (AP Photo / Rod McGuirk)

According to Michael Sexton SC, the Attorney General of New South Wales since 1998, the country’s political establishment and intellectual elite are effectively waging a ‘war’ over anything that can be based even remotely on the traditional principles of Christianity. .

“These zealots”, write Sexton“There is hostility towards all forms of the Christian religion, but especially the Catholic Church.”

In this context, the idea of ​​’rights’ can be used by anti-discrimination laws that are increasingly hostile to the expression of religious opinions, rather than challenging bad behavior. For example, if same-sex marriage activists push for the abolition of anti-discrimination exemptions for religious groups that commit themselves to traditional forms of marriage, they are effectively trying to impose their views and beliefs on those with whom they disagree.

It is often argued that an uncompromising commitment to Christian values ​​hinders society’s ‘evolution’. This sentiment has developed itself and is now used to deny the participation of Christians in public life. As an example, I mention the most recent result of the state election in Western Australia (WA).

The ‘conservative’ party, the Liberal Party, was then led by 33-year-old Zak Kirkup, who supports an LGBTQI + agenda, euthanasia and extreme climate action. However, shortly after wiping out the worst elections ever in March 2021, David Honey (currently leader), one of the few remaining members of the Liberal Party in WA’s parliament, reported. blame the “Christian Law” for the loss of the party.

Apparently, one can now even be denied membership of the Liberal Party because they simply dare to express Christian values ​​and principles. As reported by Sky News, Caleb Bond, the South Australian Liberal Party denied membership of about 150 Christians who applied to join the party.

“Now these people have not committed any crime except that they were Pentecostal Christians,” Bond said. “The message seems clear: if you are a conservative, or if you are a Christian, the Liberal Party does not want you.”

This serious example of religious discrimination would terrify Sir Robert Menzies, Australia’s longest-serving prime minister once declared:

‘[I]It’s right that we should all be constantly testing our politics in a country like this … but that does not mean we can disagree on politics. This does not mean that to be a good Christian, you have to be a good Liberal or a good Country Party man or a good Labor man. I say exactly the opposite. To be a good Liberal, to be a good Labor man, to be a good Country Party man, you will be all the better if you are a Christian. ‘

Epoch Times Photo
Epoch Times Photo
Father James Collins will hold a service in the garden of St Paul’s Anglican Church in Burwood with seating on 24 March 2020 in Sydney, Australia. (Jenny Evans / Getty Images)

“There is room in every political party for Christian men and women of all Christian faiths,” Menzies also said.

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Apparently not anymore, as the South Australian Liberal Party is almost entirely run by those who objectively oppose ‘schools of Christian thought’.

“Little by little, they have taken control of every facet of the party … there are almost no more conservatives in the parliamentary Liberal Party in SA,” Bond added.

By seriously, marginalizing or silencing Christians who take their faith seriously, these political and cultural elites are basically rejecting the values ​​and traditions of their own once liberal-democratic society. As noted by Dyson Heydon AC QC, who served in the Supreme Court of Australia from 2003 to 2013, said the ruling elite ‘rejects much of the country’s entire life and history – because Christianity is so integrated into national life and history that it can also be destroyed to destroy that national life, which can only live in memory ”.

Perhaps another example should be given. Stephen Chavura is a skilled political theorist and historian who has never been accused of racial discrimination, abuse or inflammatory speech. In 2017, however, LGBTQI + activists publicly put pressure on Macquarie University in Sydney to fire him because he also worked for the Macquarie Institute, a well-known Christian political training organization.

Activists claim that Chavura’s position is untenable because it conflicts with the university’s official support for the LGBTQI + agenda. He received no support from university management and administration. On the contrary, a hostile academic environment and administration eventually forced him to resign from his academic post and seek another post.

Here’s another example. Byron and Keira Hordyk are a Christian couple from Western Australia (WA). They applied to become foster carers for children between the ages of zero to five years. Byron and Keira was rejected labeled by the foster care agency and as “unsafe” because of their traditional beliefs about gender and sexuality.

Two little funny sister playing outside at sunset. Little girl
Two little funny sister playing outside at sunset. Little girl
Carefree children. (Svetlana / Shutterstock)

As this was a clear case of discrimination, the couple lodged a complaint with the Equal Opportunities Commission. In 2019, the Commission dismissed their complaint, arguing that their claim was misunderstood and not substantiated.

In Queensland, Bernard Gaynor went through a decade-long legal battle over his conservative internet blogging and the promotion of Christian views on marriage, gender and family. A LGBTQI + activist in New South Wales (Garry Burns) has filed more than 40 complaints of discrimination (of which 36 within a period of 32 months) against Gaynor due to the opinions expressed in his blog.

The defense of these accusations was deeply disturbing for Gaynor, who was forced to sell his home and incurred more than $ 400,000 in legal costs.

Strikingly, Gaynor was unable to dismiss complaints as a nuisance, despite the fact that not a single act of discrimination against him was even successful (pdf). ”

The phenomenon that has emerged in Australia in recent years is described as the ‘new sectarianism’, where religious values ​​and beliefs – especially Christianity – are considered meaningless, irrelevant or even harmful in the light of important social issues.

It is certainly not easy to be an outspoken Christian in present-day Australia, a country where illiberal ruling elites have effectively declared war on the more traditional aspects of this historical religion.

Augusto Zimmermann is a professor and head of law at the Sheridan Institute of Higher Education in Perth, Australia. He is also president of the Western Australian (WA) Legal Theory Association, editor-in-chief of the WA Law Journal, and a former WA law reform commissioner (2012-2017).

Zimmermann is the author of ‘Recent Attacks on Religious Freedom in Australia’, an academic review available on the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland (pdf)

Views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.


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