Reduce your house payment step by step if you've already retired this year

Reduce your house payment step by step if you've already retired this year

Are you recently retired? The Institute of National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit) can help you reduce your home loan payments in 2024.

Through the Infovit program, retirees can reduce the amount of their monthly home payment. Equal to 25% of the pension of the beneficiaries and this amount will be added to the insurance and credit commission.

How can I reduce my Infovit 2024 house payment if I’m already retired?

Regardless of whether your credit is in minimum wage time (VSM) or pesos, you may be eligible for retiree assistance. The requirements to reduce your Infovit 2024 house payment are the following:

  • You must be a retired or pensioner
  • Do not contribute to IMSS
  • Have paid at least 120 full monthly payments
  • That the credit is not in legal process due to non-payment
  • That credit is no closer to being repaid
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Once the requirements have been met to be able to reduce the payment of your Infovit 2024 credits, you must go to the Infovit Service Center (SEC) or Infovit Delegation and present a valid official identification, as well as your opinion Or a solution will have to be given. Retirement or old age pension. Or unemployment at advanced age issued by IMSS, ISSSTE, Afor or insurance company.

If you cannot attend in person, you may appoint someone through a power of attorney or power of attorney to provide valid official identification. Once the document is delivered, it will be reviewed and, if applicable, you will be notified of your new monthly payment.

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To reduce Infonavit 2024 payment, you must make your full monthly payment within the stipulated time, if you do not do so, you will lose this benefit. Remember that you can request retirement assistance at least three times throughout the lifetime of the loan.


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