Release dates for 'Toy Story 5', 'Frozen 3' and other Disney movies are already set

Release dates for 'Toy Story 5', 'Frozen 3' and other Disney movies are already set

Disney has taken advantage of its conference on the results of the first quarter of 2024 to announce several new developments. Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger has stated that “We’re already looking to 2026 and beyond with ‘Frozen 3,’ the first ‘Toy Story’ film since 2019, and a new Star Wars film. “The Mandalorian and Grogu on the big screen for the first time.” Some notable statements, including the dates of June 19, 2026 for the Pixar film and November 25 of the same year for the Disney animated film. Possibly they Referring to ‘Toy Story 5’ and ‘Frozen 3’ respectively. Additionally, the company has invested $1.5 billion in Epic Games with the aim of creating new experiences in Fortnite.

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After 2023 in which Disney has not achieved the expected results, the company’s future release plan foresees a large number of sequels and recognized sagas. Disney returns to bet on some of the most popular films in history, but for most of them we still have to wait. Only ‘Elio’ is an original production, the rest of the Disney films relate to famous sagas or are new installments.

Release Dates of Upcoming Disney Movies

Below are all the release dates of upcoming Disney movies:

  • ‘Inside Out 2’ – June 14, 2024
  • ‘Vaiyana 2’ – November 27,
  • ‘Elio’ – June 13, 2025
  • ‘Zootopia 2’ – November 26, 2025
  • ‘Star Wars: ‘The Mandalorian and Grogu’ – date unconfirmed, but possibly May 22, 2026
  • ‘Toy Story 5’ – date unconfirmed, but possibly June 19, 2026
  • ‘Frozen 3’ – Unconfirmed date, but possibly November 25, 2026


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