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Remarkable women in programming: their contribution to the history of technology

Today, technology has become a good ally for almost all industries, because it reduces the delivery times of many processes. However, these same benefits make us more dependent on technology, so within the framework of Programmer’s Day It is important to note that today not only honors programming experts, but also the increasing participation of female programmers in the fight to reduce digital division.

The world of technology and programming It has historically been dominated by men, but over the years, but that has not stopped a relevant group of women from leaving their mark in the world of technology.

That’s why A zero We traveled for a short time to meet and get to know the famous women in technology which contributed a lot to its development.

Featured Women in Programming

Grace Hopper: pioneer in programming and computing

You can’t talk about influential women in programming without mentioning Grace Hopper. This American computer scientist is known for his contribution to the development of the first compiler, a program that translates the human to machine code programming language understood by computers.

His work paved the way for the creation of programming languages high level as COBOL which is still used today.

Remarkable Women In Programming Their Contribution To The History Of Technology

In addition to his work on programming Hopper was a United States Navy officer and one of the first computer programmers. Harvard Mark I during the World War II.

His legacy lives on Grace Hopper Foundation which promotes women’s participation in computing.

“The most dangerous phrase in the language is: ‘We’ve always done it this way.'”

Grace Hopper

Ada Lovelace: the first programmer in history

However, some time ago, some women were also interested in technology. An example of this is Lovelace is therewho in full XIX century He was able to stand out for his contributions, reaching the point of being considered the first programmer in history.

Lovelace cooperated with him mathematician Charles Babbage in the design of Analytical Engine one of the first conceptual mechanical computers.

Remarkable Women In Programming Their Contribution To The History Of Technology
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The main contribution of Lovelace so he was the first to realize it machines can be used not only for calculate but also to create music and art if they are given a series of instructions.

His notes on the work of Babbage include the first algorithm intended to be processed by a machine, making it a vision in the field of programming.

“Religion for me is science and science is religion.”

Lovelace is there

Hedy Lamarr: actress and wireless communications pioneer

Hedy Lamarr, an iconic actress from the golden age of Hollywood, also deserves to be on this list. Although he is primarily known for his film career, Lamarr made significant contributions to world of technology.

During the World War II along with composer George Antheil, invented a secret communication system called «Frequency hopping» to prevent enemy torpedoes from intercepting the ships’ control signals.

Remarkable Women In Programming Their Contribution To The History Of Technology
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This invention laid the foundation for the future technologies As the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth very common today. Despite the limitations she faced as a woman in a male-dominated industry, Hedy Lamarr left a lasting mark on Current technology.

“Hope and curiosity about the future seem better to me than the certainty of the present. The unknown has always been very attractive to me… and still is. ”

Hedy Lamarr

Adele Goldberg: pioneer of object-oriented programming

Adele Goldberg is an influential figure in the field of object-oriented programming. He worked on the development of programming language Smalltalk who was one of the first to use this type of programming.

the Object-oriented programming have a significant impact on the development of software and has been instrumental in creating graphical user interfaces and interactive systems.

Remarkable Women In Programming Their Contribution To The History Of Technology
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Goldberg also contributed to the design of the environment Smalltalk-80 programming which allows programmers to create Applications on software more efficient.

“Don’t worry if you fail. Worry if you succeed, because you have to do something about it.

Adele Goldberg

The future of women in programming

Even you women They left without a doubt a significant legacy of programming and technology, the fight for gender equality in this field continues.

The gender gap in the tech industry persists, and it is most important to promote an inclusive environment that allows more women to immerse themselves in technology. programming and computing.

Various educational organizations and programs are actively working to increase the participation of women in technology.

They are implementing initiatives to encourage women to be interested in programming from an early age and create safe and welcoming environments in technology industry all with the goal of achieving a greater representation of women.

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