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Remember to stretch: three exercises to relieve tension and stretch the neck, shoulders and back

The tensions, worries and stresses of everyday life take a toll on the body. In this sense, it is not at all surprising that a person reports pain in the neck, back and lower back. The ability to consciously stretch those areas to relieve tension is such an effective strategy that he uses it more and more.

Remember the tract: what is it about?

What is conscious flexibility? “For we often move our body as if it were a stumbling block, and as a result it is inconvenient; but what is specific is that we do not then have the ability to dispose of our body as we wish for daily life”; explains the educator Jackie Gleser, in a film made for Clarín.

Accustomed to differentiate our body according to zones or functions, it proposes a change of perspective, to perceive and experience the whole organism.

“I always think of my work from the framework of health and quality of life,” says Jackie, who is a psychologist as well as an educator and has a holistic view of the world of fitness.

His comprehensive experience holds the key when he urges his students to focus on what they are doing: to be able to connect with the body in another way, placed in the “here and now”.

“The object of the mindful stretch is to learn to move the body in what one wants to give, to work on flexibility, to work from the joints, to improve joint movement and mobility, to work the body in an articulated way, on the part. on the one hand, on the other hand, as all movements are reborn afterwards.

Conscious Stretching Helps With Working Flexibility.  Photo By John Manuel Foglia.

Conscious stretching helps with working flexibility. Photo by John Manuel Foglia.

3×3: exercises for hinge work

Why do you choose these exercises? “Due to everyday life, a percentage of the population has neck pain. So both neck and shoulder back and back, lower back, are exercises that I hear people need, he explains.

Jackie offers some advice before you start: keep in mind the moment of memory, that is, writing down each movement will help you notice how they relieve tension.

1- Neck

The exercise consists of 5 different moments;

  • First you need to stand feeling the legs and the center of the body firm. We put one hand behind, behind, opposite the shoulder. At the same time, let’s relax the head to the opposite shoulder.
  • Pay Attention To Your Every Move.  Photo By John Manuel Foglia.

    Pay attention to your every move. Photo by John Manuel Foglia.
  • Second, we rely heavily on
  • We look down on the third.
  • The Neck Is One Of The Areas That Generates The Most Discomfort.  Photo By John Manuel Foglia.

    The neck is one of the areas that generates the most discomfort. Photo by John Manuel Foglia.
  • We bring in the fourth chin.
  • Finally, we place the hand with the palm facing forward, and press down firmly. Hold for 30 seconds.
  • To return, lift your chin, turn your head and lift very slowly. First, we put the hips back, the middle of the back is adjusted, we open the chest, we straighten the shoulders, and finally we adjust the head.

    2. Back shoulder and back

    For this exercise, the elbows must be pushed out, the arms parallel to the floor and the elbows turned away with the hand. Keep your neck tall and look straight. We take a deep breath through the nose.

    We Must Take Elbows With Our Hands.  Photo By John Manuel Foglia.

    We must take elbows with our hands. Photo by John Manuel Foglia.

    Bring your head forward, moving your body from the bottom up, and tucking your hips into your lower back.

    He Lowered His Head, Looking At His Fingers.  Photo By John Manuel Foglia.

    He lowered his head, looking at his fingers. Photo by John Manuel Foglia.

    He has already put his head down, looking at his fingers. Relax your knees to bend your spine a little better. and look with your eyes at the navel, so that it ends well turning the back. Left pelvis, chest in, head down.

    3- The head of the muscle

    In this exercise we will move the part of the body that is the upper body: the back, the shoulders and the neck.

    This Exercise Is A Soft Twist Exercise.  Photo By John Manuel Foglia.

    This exercise is a soft twist exercise. Photo by John Manuel Foglia.

    Begin the exercise sitting down, turning the spine. For that we put our hand on the opposite knee, and the shoulder goes to the knee.

    The arm is stretched upward, the hand is pushed, the fingers are stretched. The head is turned around, and we can look up, although if it is bothersome, the look can go down.

    Feel the stretch from the tail to the hand, through the back and center of the trunk.

    Feel All The Muscles, From The Tail To The Hand.  Photo By John Manuel Foglia.

    Feel all the muscles, from the tail to the hand. Photo by John Manuel Foglia.

    To return, let’s do it gradually: first we push the hips back, the middle of the back is adjusted, we open the chest, adjust the shoulders, and finally the head goes up.

    We can repeat this routine several times a week or when we feel a lot of tension in the area. Listen to your body and don’t force your movements.

    Jackie explains, to close, these routines take time, which if we rush, we leave them for a time of greater calm.


    Do you want to practice with Jackie Gleser?

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