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Repeal Proposition 14 to restore democracy in California


Tocqueville wrote in his immortal “American Democracy”: “I try to imagine under what kind of novel characteristics, despotism may appear in the world.” If he can return to our country in nearly 200 years When he came to California, he didn’t need to expand his imagination.

Because California’s democracy is being wiped out Proposal 14, Was approved by then governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and voters to be included in the ballot in 2010. This is a shot of the many disasters that occurred in the Parthian during his seven-year tenure.

Known as the first two primary amendments, it almost immediately wiped out third parties in the state. It establishes the current system under which any party or anyone on any party operates in a jungle primary. Then the top two winners face off in the general election.

In recent years, Proposal 14 has begun to erode the Republican Party, although this is not the only reason why the Republican Party is in trouble. In 2018, the two candidates for the U.S. Senate were Democrats, the current Dianne Feinstein (Dianne Feinstein) and the challenger, former Senate Majority Leader Kevin de Leon (Kevin de Leon). In 2016, the other two Democrats were Rep. Loretta Sanchez against the current Vice President’s current Senator Kamala Harris.

The political differences between the four Democrats are almost zero. This means that not only Republicans but also third parties are excluded.

Let us remember that third parties are an important part of American democracy. From Huey Long in the 1930s, to Ross Perot’s 1992 and 1996 elections, to 1998 Governor Jesse Ventura’s victory for the governor of Minnesota, third parties are challenging the status quo and providing reforms. Important ideas.

February 2010 article The question I asked four months before the June election was, “Will Proposal 14 kill third parties?” I quoted Richard Wenger, a life member of the Liberal Party and the state’s top third-party expert. Winger). He provided some of the best arguments against Proposal 14.

I just talked to him again about the situation in 2021.

“The third party in California is worse than ever,” he told me. “No third-party member will be able to vote in the Congress or the partisan state office in November, except for those who participated in one of the two main parties and did not run for anyone. From 2012 to the present, all elections in California have been the same. Compared to any other place in the world with free elections, Proposition 14 provides Californians with more limited choices. According to the law, we are the only place where the election itself can only have two choices. Even Washington State allows people Vote, but we don’t allow it.”

In the U.S. Senate election mentioned above, he said, “Prop. 14 really pushed us toward a one-party system. In the last two elections for the U.S. Senate, only two Democrats blocked the dialogue. Even if the Republicans cannot win. In either of these two games, at least in the general election, allowing Republicans to stand in the U.S. Senate will amplify the political debate.”

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He also believes that the recall vote on September 14 is a consequence of Proposal 14. “Republicans are very frustrated. No Republicans participated in dozens of U.S. House of Representatives and state legislative contests in the general election,” he said. “This can lead to bad emotions and anger.”

In the past, if a third party received 2% or more support in a statewide election, they would automatically remain on the ballot. Otherwise, they must collect petitions in each election to be included in the list.

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Proposal 14 puts a very high threshold. Fortunately, Wenger said, “The legislature does show sympathy for the small parties in California.” The 2% threshold has been extended to the main voting part of the process. “In addition, if there is a certain amount of voter registration, the political party will always remain on the ballot, and the legislature will reduce it from 1% of the previous governor’s vote to 0.33% of the total number of registered voters.

“So peace and freedom, liberals, green, and American independence continue. They all have enough registrations. Generally speaking, they can get 2% of the vote in the initial stage for less important statewide offices. For example, the insurance specialist.”

When will Prop. 14 finally be abolished? When will we enjoy California’s democracy again?

“For many years, I have been shocked that the mainstream media in California seems to think that our current system is normal and possible,” he said. “This is a scandal. But we may not get rid of it until a random event hurts the main Democratic position. In 2024, Dianne Feinstein will not run for re-election. I dream of a scenario where there are only two Popular Republicans ran for the election, but eight or nine popular Democrats ran for the election, and these two Republicans did not leave any Democrats in the primary election and in the November U.S. Senate vote. No space for writing.”

At the same time, Proposition 14 will continue to intimidate democracy in the same way that Schwarzenegger’s robots did to Sarah O’Connor in the 1984 original Terminator.

John Sayler is a senior California opinion writer. He has written editorials for the “Orange County Chronicle” for nearly 30 years. He is a U.S. Army veteran and the former press secretary of California Senator John Murrak. His blog address is [email protected]


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Repeal Proposition 14 to restore democracy in California
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