Report: More than 2,700 cases of anti-Semitism in Germany

BERLIN ( Associated Press) — A group tracking anti-Semitism in Germany said Tuesday that it documented more than 2,700 incidents in the country last year, including 63 attacks and six cases of extreme violence.

In a report, the Department of Research and Information on Antisemitism (RIAS) said the coronavirus pandemic, along with anti-Semitic conspiracies, and conflict in the Middle East, along with anti-Semitic criticism of Israel, were the main drivers. 2,738 incidents. Documented.

The incidents were criminal and non-criminal, the group said.

The German government’s commissioner for countering anti-Semitism, Felix Klein, said that the number of incidents – more than seven a day – is terrifying, but added that “at the same time, every incident reported was also one of those incidents.” One step further is to reduce the black number.

The report noted that far-right extremists were responsible for 17% of incidents, but more than half of them could not be assigned to a specific political position.

Cases of “extreme violence” include an attack on a Jewish participant in the RIAS emigrating to Israel in Hamburg and a shooting at a Jewish community center in Berlin.

RIAS director Benjamin Steinitz told reporters in Berlin that a total of 964 people, both Jewish and non-Jewish, were directly affected by anti-Semitic incidents.

Marina Chernivsky of the OFEC Center to Aid Victims of Anti-Semitic Violence and Discrimination, said the high number of cases is “background noise” in the daily life of Jews in Germany.