Representative Deluzio on the East Palestine train derailment

Representative Deluzio on the East Palestine train derailment

Rep. Chris DeLuzio, D-Pa., wants the Biden administration to pressure Congress to take action against Norfolk Southern Railway for a train derailment that spilled dangerous chemicals in East Palestine, Ohio.

Deluzio leads the Railway Safety Act, which aims to “enhance safety procedures” for trains carrying hazardous materials, increase penalties for safety violations, and require every train to have a “well-trained” two-person crew. and to provide assistance to communities affected by railway disasters. ,

“It’s a travesty that we haven’t seen this bill on the president’s desk yet,” DeLuzio said during an appearance on NewsNation’s “The Hill.” “I’m pushing as hard as I can. “People want to know that these railroads will be held accountable for the safety of our communities and forced to operate more safely.”

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President Joe Biden has announced that he will visit the site of the train derailment on a yet-to-be-announced date to meet with residents affected by the February 3, 2023 crash and subsequent chemical burns. A White House official says this is in an effort to demonstrate a continued commitment to holding Norfolk Southern Railway accountable for the accident and its effects.

President Biden to visit East Palestine poison train crash site

A White House official said, “As President Biden has said from the beginning, the Administration will continue to support the people of East Palestine and other affected communities, including using every available tool to hold Norfolk Southern accountable.” is included.” In a statement on Wednesday.

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About 1,500 residents were asked to evacuate after the accident. Fearing an explosion, officials decided to blow up and burn five tank cars, releasing 116,000 gallons of carcinogen vinyl chloride into the air. Later, poisonous plumes of smoke engulfed the area.

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However, three days later, the Environmental Protection Agency said it had not detected pollutants at “levels of concern” and gave residents the all-clear to return.

Residents of eastern Palestine complained of rashes and illness. They have also criticized the government for downplaying their concerns that their community is no longer safe to live in.

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