Repsol has signed a three-year contract with Centrica to supply one million tonnes of liquefied gas

Repsol has signed a three-year contract with Centrica to supply one million tonnes of liquefied gas.

British company Centrica Energy and Repsol have today announced the signing of an agreement that will improve the energy security of the United Kingdom for years to come. The contract will allow Centrica to purchase One million tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipments between 2025 and 2027,

All of these shipments are expected to be delivered Grain LNG Import Terminal in Kent, “This agreement marks another step by Centrica to build greater resilience into the UK’s energy security,” the company said.

It is signed with a 15-year, $8 billion agreement delphin midstream In July 2023; the next three years with Equinor, which will heat 4.5 million homes in the United Kingdom by 2024; and reopen and install raw gas storage,

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(A wave of liquefied natural gas megaprojects around the world, while the goal is to triple renewable energy.)

Raft now provides half of the UK’s total gas storage capacity, with the capacity to store over 50 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of gas, enough to heat around 10% of UK homes during the winter.

“A reliable and affordable energy supply is vital to maintaining economic and social well-being, and we are pleased that our partnership with Centrica contributes to this objective,” he said. Laura Razon, SVP of Bulk Gas & NG Trading at Repsol,

“I am proud that Centrica continues to improve the security of UK supply through this agreement with Repsol. When the security of our supply is threatened, it is the customers who suffer the loss, so this is reassuring “That this agreement ultimately helps ensure that those on the front lines of the energy crisis have some degree of protection from price fluctuations,” he said Chris O’Shea, Centrica Group CEO,

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