Request authorization to study mining feasibility in San Juan de la Maguana

Request authorization to study mining feasibility in San Juan de la MaguanaInvestors from Canada, Australia, Great Britain and Switzerland await being authorized to conduct the necessary environmental and social studies in San Juan de la Maguana to confirm whether or not the viability of mining there, said the chairman of the Round Table today. Told. Commonwealth country in the Dominican Republic, Fernando Gonzalez.

If the result is negative, the project will not be completed smoothly, which is the understanding of the 2,500 investors who allocated $40 million to the Romero project in San Juan, which found gold.

The scientific study, Fernando González clarified, “doesn’t take risks and, conversely, will guarantee that the water and environment of San Juan will not be affected”, in addition to “opening doors to new investments and opportunities”. that area.

The President of the Commonwealth Countries Roundtable in the Dominican Republic highlighted the potential of San Juan de la Maguana to attract new foreign investment, “essential for employment and economic growth in this province.”

He said that, based on the experience of “attracting investments from Commonwealth countries to the Dominican Republic”, he can confirm that “San Juan has conditions for attracting new opportunities across various lines.”

González cited the example of bananas in the Northwest Line, where the item has created thousands of jobs “and greater prosperity in Montecristi, Santiago Rodriguez, among other provinces.”

“The banana industry was developed with investments from companies from Commonwealth countries such as Great Britain. Currently, the country is the leading producer of organic bananas in the world.”

He insisted that something similar to what was done in the Northwest Line could be done with other items in the San Juan area.