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Requiem on Tevez’s return to Bombonera

“La Bombonera is the most beautiful ground in the world. It will always be my home, they gave me everything, but today I owe it and I am happy. We are going to do everything we can to have a good game.”, Thus, Carlitos Tevez referred to his visit to the Boca region along Rosario Central this Wednesday at 9:30 pm. Now DT will face their former club and it will not be just another game, as great displays of affection for the Apaches are expected. Some samples have already been seen this Tuesday, with parades and messages in various parts of the city of Buenos Aires.

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In the middle of his conversation with ESPN, Juan Roman Riquelme They asked him about the figure of Tevez. It is known, they follow the opposite path of politics (Carlitos is a friend of former President Daniel Angelici) and they are not friends, as JR explained. The cordial embrace between the two is remembered when Tevez decided to end his third cycle at the club, at the end of the first half of 2021.

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,A pleasure, we hope you are enjoying. He looks calm. He comes to your house, we treat him with affection, with love, people give him affection. I love her so much, we’re not friends, but I love her. I hope you have a good day at home with more people”Riquelme expressed in a televised note about Tevez.

Rikelme and Tevez together in 1998 and 2021.

Rikelme and Tevez together in 1998 and 2021.

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Sanctions: “The boys discussed, now it’s time to think and that’s it. Afterwards, what happens in a match is rare, because they are fights that can happen in training. In a match you get hotter with the opponent. Let’s go… but well, it’s time for you to reflect.”

Reasons for such a fight: “I don’t know why, I wasn’t there. First, if I was lucky enough to be there, I would answer the same thing: things have to be there. I wonder if you know everything, now everything It is said. … I went to a talk and there was no one there. I was a football player, we all make mistakes and the things that happen in the locker room when I was a player were there. But what happened is strange, because most of the discussions were given in a training session. Players are people, maybe you bring a problem from home and you raise it with a teammate. In a sport it is rare because You choose it with your opponent. But hey, they should reflect and look ahead”.

Chat with them in a special way: “They made their point after the game, even at the hotel, they clarified things. They are great people. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again. Afterwards, I talk to them often, I talk to each of them and it doesn’t come out out of nowhere When I talk to everyone, it always turns out And the boys imitate.’

Rossi Status: “After accepting Monterrey’s offer for Andrada, we were sure that the goalkeeper was going to be Rossi. But you turned on the TV and all the channels asked for the goalkeeper. So, when anyone decides, it’s up to him. Take it calm and they leave. Okay, he’s happy. We’re glad Agustin is here, because it means we made a good decision at the time.”

Conversation with the goalkeeper: “It’s not a problem for us. We started talking to them in March and we offered to renew until 2026. After 48 hours the rep gave us their answer, when we heard it, we were shocked, we thought That he made a mistake because we worked so hard and all we had in the world was hoping he would say yes. It’s nothing more than that. We are going to enjoy it till June 30th and it makes us happy that people love it I agree with it. But nothing happens”.

Ibara’s Continuity: “How long does he have a contract? Until the end of the year. So things are clear to me. Ibarra is directing our reserve, he has won two championships there, he deserves it where he is. He made the qualification. Reserve hadn’t won a title for ten years. He did wonders. He has earned the place he has today. We are happy with him.”

Team moment: “We want to play away from the way we play at home. But we knew that after what happened with the Corinthians, being out of such an important competition, the team was going to feel it. That’s what’s happening to us.” It’s. Last. The away game, the second half was good, and that’s what we want to play against Central.”

Ibara DT of the 2023 Cup? “We want to beat Central, we don’t think for a year. But we are very happy with him and with the team. He was the champion in reserve, he did things well, he is the idol of the club and that makes us He’s happy. He’s the best No. 4 in Boca’s history, he gave us six cups. He deserves his place. Why can’t we offer him for the cup? Because we want to win all the games, why should we? Have to talk about what happens in a year “we have no doubts with him.”

Bataglia’s dismissal: “Everything is game. Let’s see how we go step by step… When we tied up with Godoy Cruz, all the journalists and Boca fans wanted DT to leave. We had a lot of peace with the council boys. And we decided to continue and now, after Corinthians, we did the same thing and we believed it was time to change. Simple things, clear. We are happy with the decisions we made. We know that we are out of them. Some may like it, but we do it calmly and safely”.

Left Departure: “We’re lucky we have so many top-class players, it’s not easy to be a player like that. It’s not easy to bring in Edvincula, Zambrano, who is from the national team. Marcos Rojo, nine who wanted everything like Benedetto , Peyro returned from Europe, a star like Roncaglia and Romero back home, which is very important as an institution. And then again, Coach now has the most beautiful problem he can have. Because he has so many types. That’s it. I mean because they asked about Izquierdoz. They have to play, huh. Now we’ve changed coaches, trust me in Zambrano, it’s clear and whoever decides is…”.

Zebalos injury: “What happened to him was very sad. Now it’s going to help him mature, to grow, he learns from everything. He was innocently playing ball, he didn’t see the truck coming from the side, it It’s like crossing the street with a bicycle without looking. From now on he’s going to watch. The kick was very hard. We have no doubt that he’s going to be fine and he’s going to play in Europe”.

Reinforcement in that case: “We have Langoni who plays well, who did well when it comes to racing. If anything comes up, we will analyze it, but we are happy with the team we have and we have to give the boys a chance. We come from being football champion Argentina, value him and give confidence to the boys. Ibarra knows them all”.

Cavani’s Disappointed Arrival: “I spoke to him two and a half years ago. I know there was a lot of talk recently, he was frank with me, he told me he was arranged with Villarreal or I don’t know which team. But a bomb went off saying he was traveling to Buenos Aires. I wish we could trust him. He’s a star. It happened to us with Romero, it’s like that. Those high ranking players Huh”.

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