Requirements to get up to $269,191

Bonus for work formality.

Benefits relate to the security and opportunity subsystem. We tell you what the requirements are.

He Bonus for work formality This is part of the benefits provided by the state Chile Security and Opportunity, Unlike other contributions, No prior application required Since it is automatic for those who meet the requirements.

It is paid once and has a Maximum amount $269,191, We leave you the details and Who can access this payment.

You must meet these requirements to receive the Work Formalization Bonus

The formalization bonus paid is a maximum of $269,191, an amount in 2023 that has not yet been updated, as it is in line with the readjustment of the CPI that began taking effect in February 2024.

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This contribution consists of a single payment And as reported by Chile Etienda, every member of the family who meets the requirements can obtain it.

The following people can avail this benefit:

  • User or user family member Security and Opportunity Subsystem Those who participate in social-labor assistance programs.
  • actively participate in Family, Beginner Path or Road Program,
  • Be over 18 years of age and enter formal employment for the first time.
  • Record at least four continuous contributions for health, pension or unemployment insurance.
    • They must be declared and paid within the period of effective participation in social-labour assistance.

Amount of formalization bonus 2023

He maximum amount The value of the bond is $269,191, This 2024 has not been updated but according to the report of Chile Seguridades y Oportunidades, Delivery is done as follows Depending on duration:

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