Researchers discover 11 undetected space anomalies using ‘nearest neighbor’ method

Detecting anomalies around the vast universe is fairly common, and a team of researchers recently discovered 11 undetermined ones, seven of which are potential supernova candidates. In the new study, published in the journal ‘New Astronomy’, the team said the anomalies were detected using the ‘nearest neighbor’ method. This involved the use of artificial intelligence that analyzed several digital images of the northern sky that were taken around 2018.

According to, the team of researchers included Associate Professor Matvey Kornilov from the HSE University Faculty of Physics. The researchers said in the paper that they benefited from the increase in the data over the years and were able to successfully identify anomalies.

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“We described the properties of our simulations using a set of expected characteristics to be observed in real celestial bodies. In a dataset of nearly one million objects, we observed super-powerful supernovae, Type Ia supernovae, Type II supernovae, and tidal Were looking for disintegration events,” said Konstantin Malanchev, co-author of the paper and postdoc at the University of Illinois.

“We refer to such classes of objects as anomalies. They are either very rare, have little known properties, or are interesting enough to deserve further study,” he said in an official statement.

The process implemented by the team involved observing light curves to detect anomalies and retain data on all neighboring objects from Earth.

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“This is a very good result,” Maria Pruzinskaya, co-author of the paper and research fellow at the Sternberg Astronomical Institute, said in the official statement.

“In addition to the rare objects already discovered, we were able to detect many new objects previously missed by astronomers. This means that existing search algorithms can be improved to prevent the disappearance of such objects.”


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