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Respect in your day. Dr. Hector Ortiz, a renowned representative of Pediatrics

Dr. Hector Luis Ortiz Martínez is a serious medical professional from Yauco, Puerto Rico. On his high path to pediatrics, Dr. It is said that he is the first doctor in his family.

Dr. Hector Luis Ortiz, Pediatrician.

doctor. Hector Luis Ortiz Martinez Yauco is a serious medical professional from Puerto Rico. on your lofty path PediatricsThe doctor tells that this is the first doctor In your family.

“I couldn’t find any references from anyone who inspired me to study medicine, so, in general, my whole vocation was to save lives and improve. living standard from patients. That romantic thought still haunts me,

In an interview with the Journal of Medicine and Public Health, Dr.

Dr. Ortiz takes us into his life and tells us that when he arrived at the School of Medicine he intended to be a gynecologist, but in his third year of clinical rotation he demonstrated that gynecology took him over. Didn’t draw as he thought. So, later he went to the field of ophthalmology, but he also could not believe it.

,Conversely, when I rotated Pediatrics I was quite surprised as I didn’t expect to like it that much. I woke up every day with the joy that I was going to take care of the children, that I was going to deal with the mothers, that I was going to improve them. living standarde.t.c,

The doctor expressed with emotion.

Later, in his fourth year, he took another detour to convince himself that this was what he really wanted, and it turns out that it was. ,That’s why I stayed with him”Told.

,I woke up every day thinking ‘this is what I want to do for the rest of my life’. What I liked the most was dealing with children. this is how i end up choosing Pediatrics,

He insisted.

Hector Ortiz also refers to the fact that, when he completed his degree, it was a different time and he did not pursue a subspecialty, but now he thinks that God knows what he is doing, in fact. In the U.S., there is currently a shortage of General Pediatricians.

“When you’re with the patient, you realize what will bring you happiness in the long term. And that’s what happened to me.”,

Defined doctor.

He believes that it all depends a lot on each person’s occupation and way of being, so he does not regret anything and declares passionately that if he is born again he will There will be a pediatrician, and if not, they will be a teacher.

,The other thing is that if it wasn’t doctor Or the pediatrician, it would have to be a teacher. To be able to teach others that small but valuable thing you know. This is another area that fills me up a lot. Because it gives me so much to be able to share what I can, Furthermore, not everything is medicine, not everything is knowledge, not everything is theory. There is also a human part, it should not be forgotten,

career path

,when i graduate i do my residence here Pediatrics At the regional hospital in Caguas, and once I finished my residency, I moved to Mayaguez in 1986 (at the age of 28), and that’s where I live now. I worked with another accredited pediatrician in Mayagüez for the first two years, and later established my own private practice.” said the pediatrician.

Doctors say that apart from this, he was working in Belavista Hospital till the year 2000 and in addition to private practice in Periya Hospital. Then, around the time the health improvement program in Puerto Rico began and he joined, he began working at San Antonio Inc. Hospital in Mayagüez.

,Presently I continue private office practice and I have the privilege of etiquette at Hospital Perea. Besides, I’m the director doctor of department Pediatrics of San Antonio Hospital since 2012,

he claimed.

In June 2019, Ortiz launched the Centro . started working as a hospital in doctor of Mayaguez, is still exercising his personal practice. He is ad honors professor of third-year students at the Ponce School of Medicine, as well as looking after exchange students from Guadalajara, Mexico. Similarly, for nearly eight years he has been an Ad Honors Professor at the Rio Piedra Medical Sciences Campus.

In myself, I have a lot of activity which fills me up a lot because apart from the day to day activity of seeing patients, I am also involved in the educational part.”, he told MSP.

AMPRO. cooperate in

Hector Ortiz joined the Western River Society of Pediatric Physicians in 1986. He was the president in the 90s. After that, it continued doctorAdvisor to the Board and Chairman of the Scientific Committee.

,Currently, on the scientific committee I am the person in charge of that instruction who is in charge of obtaining the conference’s human resources for the annual conferences, among other responsibilities. From there also, efforts are being made to keep the pediatric education updated.,

He insisted.

retirement date?

“I see my retirement date getting further and further away, first because I like what I do and second because I see myself as nothing else. Maybe I’d rather work less and go to the hospital.” or dedicate myself to teaching, but I still can’t say my retirement date. As long as I am Healthy And conscious of everything, no. As long as I have physical and mental health, my goal is to continue”, assured the pediatrician.

Their projects are basically to continue what they are doing, to continue to learn, both academically and humanely, as well as to continue to strengthen their spiritual part.

,I would also like to emphasize preventive medicine, especially vaccination., In addition, one of my priorities is to educate about the myths that have led to reduced vaccination rates, putting the health and lives of the most vulnerable, children and immunocompromised patients at risk.”, he told MSP.


As for Hurricane Maria two years ago, Dr. Ortiz remembers it as a great learning experience. He says he had a great experience, well, he had a patient hospitalized during a storm for 28 days. ,I had to visit that patient at least twice a day at the hospital, but no matter how difficult, I learned a lot from the condition of the island and therefore the period the patient was going through. I also learned that technique isn’t everything, that you can go back to basics.,

Now, he says that along with the theme of setbacks, he has also had the opportunity to go on missions to mountain villages and see the needs of others, and believes that the human factor should always be present for this reason. . ,

,I also went to missions in Haiti, which has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life,

That’s why he advises his medical students to go when they get an opportunity to visit places of need, as it will change their lives.

,That experience in Haiti changed my life 180°. changed“, put up. He says it changed his whole approach to what is needed and learning how little or how much you have. However, he still looks forward to having those types of experiences again. , whether in Haiti or wherever, and in the not too distant future.

Message from Dr. Ortizo

The message Ortiz gives to his colleagues and medical students is that first, the most important thing is vocation. Let what you do fill your heart and if what you are doing is not your profession, find something else. ,That’s why my favorite word in life is vocation”Dice.

Second, in medicine, as in other similar professions, no type of technology is above the patient. Never think that you know everything, know to recognize your limits and when you reach them ask for help for the benefit of the patient.

The message to parents is to trust your pediatrician, ask all your questions, trust her, and go to the pediatrician before you go to the emergency room.

,They take me into account before anything else is the type of relationship that I value a lot because I am also protecting and educating the patient.,

With regard to preventive medicine, pediatricians agree that patient education is essential, because “An Educated Mom and Dad Result in Another Patient Healthy“; End.

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