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Rest and training. Ten Books for an Executive Summer

like every year Nation We recommend books managers can read for summer vacation to get inspired. There’s nothing better than summer to be able to update and reflect on to get inspired for 2023. As always, we cover different topics for more conservative managers and for those who want to explore different topics.

We chose three books with reference to Argentina. First by journalist and economist Willie Cohn We Are Us: Argentine Dictionary of Economics and Politics (South American, 2022). Kohn takes us, through a didactic book and with spectacular images that take us back to our past, to understand 50 definitions about the politics and economy of our country. Cohn forgets nothing: saving (its impossibility for Argentina); Default; hyperinflation; While continuing to inquire into other political ones such as the Austral Plan, unions, populism and the famous rift. The greatest success of the book is that the dictionary is a dictionary created and designed for the suffering Argentines. Those with some historical memory will enjoy its pages and remember the setbacks, the setbacks and the constant perils. Illustrations on topics such as speculation with excerpts from the speeches of Celestino Rodrigo (to whom we owe “Rodrigazzo”) in 1975. “I call upon the people to avoid excessive expenditure and not indulge in wastage”; Or a pamphlet by the Peron government in 1950 that says “a war to the death against the speculators”, reminding us of the movie Groundhog Day where everything happens in the short term, but nothing changes in the long term, everything before As it happens

In “Somos nosotros: Dictionario Argentino de economia y politica”, Willy Cohn offers us to understand 50 definitions about the politics and economy of our country, through a didactic book and with spectacular images that take us back to our past takes away.

The second reference book is written by Daniel Balmeseda, Historias de la Belle Epoque Argentina (South American, 2022). Balmaceda has accustomed us to historical books that are easy to read, fast and open to the past to understand our future. In this book in particular, the author takes us through the country’s golden years, from the late 19th century to the years before World War I, passing through the centenary celebrations of the May Revolution in 1910, which show us the long The glory of a country from Funny, lively and with anecdotes from people who take us into the lives of the characters, this is the ideal book for relaxing holidays and for executives who want to see the country that is now gone.

We take a look at the future of the country with a book that will make us think and why not get anxious and preoccupied about the possible future. Journalist Carolina Amoroso has addicted us to books that hit us where it hurts. so he did with You Will Cry: Stories of the Venezuelan Exodus (Catersis, 2020) where it leads us to the disaster of an exodus from a country that has lost its way. These strong and terrifying personal stories stand in stark contrast to the defense that many people use to defend Venezuela’s corrupt and undemocratic government. in his new book Hacking Argentina: Hope for a tech boom (Catersis, 2022), Amoroso and his co-author, Juan Merino, show us the brains behind the most prominent companies in local technology powerhouses. The book, in addition to showing success stories or their characters, tries to reveal a possible Argentina, which is facing an opportunity: to stop being a country of contradictions. wide-ranging and enriching conversations with local Silicon Valley heroes such as Marcos Galperin (Mercado Libre); Martin Migoya (Globant); Alec Oxenford (OLX); Pierpaolo Barbieri (UALA); among others.

For the topics of leadership, we chose two books that can help us reflect from different perspectives. On the one hand, the book by Erica James, dean of the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania; and Simmons University President Lynn Wooten, who wrote Prepared Leaders: Emerging from any crisis more resilient than ever (Wharton School Press, 2022). According to the authors, at no other time in recent history have leaders been tested for their ability to lead. Leaders who are in organizational skills and need new skills and develop a clear work agenda. This short and practical book primarily focuses on understanding the five steps of crisis management, how to make decisions in times of high uncertainty and pressure, and finally how to build a crisis team.

Another book on leadership is by Henry Kissinger, Leadership: Six Studies in World Strategy (Alan Lane, 2022). Kissinger brings his experience as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State under the presidency of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford to the field of leadership, where he examines the lives of six extraordinary leaders through their most relevant state policies and strategies. After World War II, Konrad Adenauer brought a defeated and bankrupt Germany back into the Commonwealth of Nations, using what Kissinger calls a strategy of humility; Charles de Gaulle led France to victory in World War II in renewing their greatness with the Allies, using what the author calls the Strategy of Desire. Kissinger discussed other leaders from Egypt such as Anwar Sadat and other strategies; Richard Nixon from the United States; Lee Kuan Yew, from Singapore; and Margaret Thatcher, from Great Britain. A book where leadership, strategies and the pressures that come with it all are today’s routine.

In His Latest Book, Leadership: Six Studies In World Strategy, Henry Kissinger Recounts His Experience As National Security Advisor And Secretary Of State Under The Presidencies Of Richard Nixon And Gerald Ford.
In his latest book, Leadership: Six Studies in World Strategy, Henry Kissinger recounts his experience as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State under the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Omar Messinger – ANSA

The last five books allow us to navigate from context to an inner and more contemplative view of the reader. Book Design of the World: How do you create an experience? by Franco Pellegrini (Galerna, 2022) allows us to broaden our vision to understand behind the scenes of our interactions and experiences. how to dress? Which way to go to work? How to organize a presentation? What is the right marketing strategy for a product going to market? These are some of the questions the author asks himself in order to understand the design from a holistic perspective.

In daily interactions at work and in personal life, we often forget about the impact and power of words. That’s the purpose of the best seller by Mariano Sigman, The Power of Words: How to Change Your Mind (and Your Life) by Talking It Out (Discussion, 2022). For the author, at any point in life, it is possible to change our most deeply rooted thoughts, our way of thinking, and our emotional experience. To achieve this, a simple and extremely effective tool in changing our brain suffices: the use of conversation. This book upholds and demonstrates that, no matter what moment we pass through in our existence, we can learn to speak up to demolish those beliefs and change thoughts and feelings, even the most deeply rooted also. In fact, conversation—with others and with ourselves—is one of the most extraordinary tools we have for changing our lives. An easy book to read and which can be carried in any moment of our life. For something it is one of the best selling books in 2022 in the local market.

In The Power Of Words, Mariano Sigman Argues That It Is Possible To Change, At Any Moment In Life, Our Deepest Thoughts, Our Way Of Thinking, And Our Emotional Experience.
In The Power of Words, Mariano Sigman argues that it is possible to change, at any moment in life, our deepest thoughts, our way of thinking, and our emotional experience.elvira magias

Alejandra Marcote makes us reflect with her book impostor syndrome (Southern Leaves, 2022). “What am I doing here? They’re going to feel like they didn’t have to call me to do this.” “Although I have been working here for 8 years, I cannot accept the position, I must prepare further!” Some of these phrases are typical of impostor syndrome, that feeling of not living up to it and feeling like a fraud that at least 70% of people have experienced at some point in their lives. The book details the behaviors that foster impostor syndrome in teams, so that those who lead not only gain the tools for their own personal growth, but also create a healthy environment in which people are free from “I’m not enough” thoughts. There is no danger from ,

For executives who need a rethink on time management and their lives, Adrian Gonzalez wrote a little gem to help us not collapse. Morning Zen: Empower Your Life by Transforming Your Mornings (Europe Books, 2022). The life of firefighters that begins long ago, extinguishing organizational fires, stresses us to the point of exhaustion. The book is a chronological collection of eleven habits, where the reason for getting up without alarm is explained; the power of music; Why do you need to review the day before going to war and how should we close the morning. Now, it’s up to the reader to listen to the author to improve the quality of their mornings and their own lives.

In “Historias de la Belle Epoque Argentina”, Daniel Balmaceda takes us through the country’s golden years, from the late 19th century to the years before World War I, passing through the centenary celebrations of the May Revolution in 1910.

Finally, for those interested in philosophical musings, Andrea Wolf wrote Magnificent Rebels: The Early Romantics and the Invention of the Self (Taurus, 2022). When did we start demanding our right to life? At what point do we become arrogant? When we ask ourselves, How can I be free? Wulf takes us to 1790s Germany where a group of dramatists, poets and writers put themselves at the center of their thinking, writing and living. Goethe, Schiller, Fichte, Schelling, Hegel, von Humboldt are just some of the characters who appear in this exciting book on philosophy and history.

Incredible books for the best time of year where we have time to read and reflect before the whirlwind of a new beginning.

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