Retired conservative federal judge wants Trump disqualified from office

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The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments today in its review of the Colorado Supreme Court’s historic and unprecedented decision to remove former President Donald Trump from that state’s ballot.

Trump remains on the primary ballot because a lower court ruling disqualifying him has been put on hold pending Supreme Court action. If the judge concludes that Trump is ineligible for public office, any votes cast for him will not be counted.

The high court’s decision to hear the case puts the nine justices at odds between the 2024 election as voting begins in early primary contests and the presidential race since its highly consequential decision 23 years ago in the case Bush v. Represents the court’s most significant involvement in the race. , Gore.

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The state court’s decision all but ensures that the justices will have to take up the politically complex case and resolve the contentious question of whether Trump can be removed from the ballot. Although Colorado’s decision applies only to that state, courts in several other states have also reviewed challenges to Trump’s eligibility, although none have reached the level of Colorado’s case.

Last year, Maine’s secretary of state removed Trump from that state’s 2024 primary ballot, and the former president’s team appealed that decision in state court. The Oregon Supreme Court could also soon rule on a bid to remove Trump from that state’s primary and general election ballots because of his role in the January 6, 2021 insurrection, which would call for judges in Washington to act quickly in Colorado. Underlines the urgent need. Case.

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Trump’s campaign said it welcomes a “fair hearing” at the Supreme Court on the Colorado voting challenge.


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