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Reusable Bottles: 6 Common Mistakes That Have You Drinking Contaminated Water

in case of symptoms like Diarrheafever, stomach pain hey Swelling Abdominal pain, the first suspicion is usually this Consumed something wrong. However, sometimes the cause is the least expected: drinking water, however potable and safe, got dirty when placed in a reusable bottle,

It was customary for many people to move from place to place personalized bottle what are they going to refill time with water, juice, soda and other beverages.

I use them everyday HouseIn this Workwhile practicing Play oh al walk through the streetTo maintain adequate hydration, especially in times of intense heat like the present.

According to experts, the problem is that users do not always consume essential hygiene precautions To avoid this in these packages as well as big bottles And this dispenser of water, they spread microorganisms Harmful,

which are mistakes that can quietly turn our bottles into real nests Fungi and Bacteria, Bugle consulted the experts, who told six bad habits Very common

Mistake No. 1: Refilling disposable bottles

Multiple Refill Bottles That Shouldn'T Be Used More Than Once Between Summers.  Photo: Telam.

Multiple refill bottles that shouldn’t be used more than once between summers. Photo: Telam.

“We see that people sometimes reuse Frequently disposable plastic bottles, such as a Soda, juice or mineral water. From an infectious point of view, we we recommend against Absolutely,” he assured Bugle Arnaldo Caseiro, former head of infectious diseases at Hospital Alvarez.

The reason – the infectologist explained – is that in these very fine containers they multiply quickly small cracks that favor the spread of bacteria such as enterobacteria why and.streptococcisome of which may bevery harmful for life”.

According to Kasiro, when choosing a bottle, it is always convenient to prefer them glass or of them Stainless Steel, to be more “reliable”. And if they were made of plastic, use most ToughWhich were built to be reused.

Mistake No. 2: Filling the bottle without washing it

Now, even if the bottle is suitable, it will be useless if there is a lack of cleanliness. “Germs, mold and mildew grow in places wet and darkso the interior of the water bottle is ideal place for their development,” warned nutritionist María Ángeles Sánchez Calvin.

In this context, an investigation published in 2018 in the journal Journal of Exercise Physiology analyzed 30 used bottles in gym From Brazil: The 90% There was contamination. found six types Disease-causing microorganisms, the most common being bacteria Staphylococcus aureus (27% of bottles had it) and Escherichia coli (17%).

Let there be germs in the bottle, the doctors gave clarification, is not necessarily Whoever drinks from it will become ill. This will depend on the amount of bacteria and the state of the person’s immune system. but there is a risk,

And according to Sanchez Calvin, there’s no other way to avoid it. wash well bottle before this of each new experiment, Or, in other words, never refill a bottle without first cleaning it. “It reduces the risk of contracting diseases from the bacteria present, and also the risk of transmit them to other people in terms of bottle sharing”, he argued.

Before Recharging The Bottle And Getting On The Train, It Is Always Good To Wash It.  Photo: Shutterstock.

Before recharging the bottle and getting on the train, it is always good to wash it. Photo: shutterstock.

Mistake No. 3: Wash the bottle only with water

There are people who believe that just removing the old water, rinsing it, and rubbing the bottle a little is enough to consider it clean. But the recommendation to “wash thoroughly” implies very much more than that

“With a simple rinse insufficient, should be wash with detergent and preferably with chlorinated water, ie networkSince well water, if it is not analyzed, can only contain bacteria. If it is analyzed and does not contain bacteria, it can be used,” Caseiro, director of the Center for Medical Specialties No. 1 in the city of Buenos Aires, warned today.

since magnificentA firm that provides bottled drinking water to businesses and homes makes at least that recommendation. once a week person joins in cleaning Disinfecting with Bleach of your reusable bottle, follow these steps:

  1. open the bottle and remove water that it remains
  2. use of brush silicone or nitanil to clean the bottle inside,
  3. doing drama two drops of bleach in the bottle and fill it with water.
  4. let work by 5 minutes why rinse well,
  5. leave the bottle open drying up,

Of course, you always have to be careful when using bleach. not more than recommended amount, and then wash the bottle very well, as it can cause poisoning if residue remains.

Mistake No. 4: Not cleaning the dispenser often enough

Even if the bottle is in perfect condition, tap water or even a sealed bottle can be contaminated if it is served through druggist what it’s not clean Too late

therefore, for maintain quality Of Bottled Water, Sparkling Experts Recommend clean them every three monthsThis way:

  1. remove the bottle of water, separate the funnel and remove water The one who is opening the tap.
  2. wearing disposable gloves and a new sponge, wipe with each piece of equipment water and detergentand wash off.
  3. immerse the bobbin and other removable parts in water with bleach And again wash them thoroughly with bottle water.
  4. fill Deposit with water and 10 drops of bleach Conventional, leave to work for between 5 and 15 minutes, empty and rinse at least three times.
  5. rearmament dispenser and plug it back in.

Companies that supply bottles usually offer it as an additional service, with their employees taking charge of this task. MaintenanceCleve.

Bottled Water Is Safe, But It Can Become Contaminated If It Passes Through Poorly Maintained Dispensers.  Photo: Sparkling.

Bottled water is safe, but it can become contaminated if it passes through poorly maintained dispensers. Photo: Sparkling.

Mistake No. 5: Leaving water drums out in the sun

dispenser users have a bad habit of getting bottles and leaving them for several days or weeksuntil used bad weather In the yard or garden.

“It is necessary that the bottle is not exposed to the sunsince the water Malfunctioning“, he alerted Sparkling. It’s always better to keep them in one place cerrado why away from chemicals and cleaning.

Mistake No. 6: Touching the spout of the dispenser when filling the bottle

Finally, when filling a bottle into the dispenser, many people make the mistake of allowing the mouth of the container keep in touch With the spout or tap of the appliance.

According to the experts, if this happens. bottle may be contaminated, Why? Because perhaps, hours or days earlier, another person had also touched the dispenser, but with a contaminated bottle, either because of lack of hygiene or because the person who used it had a disease.

These little careSometimes they are enough to avoid bigger problems.


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