13 will tempt for the second season of Tierra Brava

reveal the list with four faces that Channel 13 will tempt for the second season of Tierra Brava - Publimetro Chile

After learning in recent days the names of Esteban Paredes and Paula Pavic as the first faces contacted by the production of Channel 13 to enter the second season of “Tierra Brava”, this Tuesday the program “Me Late Digital” contributed a list of four figures that the television signal “is already in the pipeline” to enter the bull.

The success of the ratings of the current reality television program, which has chosen to mix famous figures with some unknown characters, has aroused the appetite of the private channel that would have given the continuation of the second season of the reality show for the first. time. months of next year.

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New candidates for Tierra Brava 2

And in this scenario, many entertainment programs, including “Me Late” and “Zona de estrellas”, contribute the names of characters who consider accepting the possibility of locking themselves in the house located in Peru.

“You know I have my little birds on Channel 13, who always tell me everything, everything, everything. They start to whistle at me and tell me the details. In this case, you already know that the names are mentioning,” began Luis Sandoval, one of the panelists of the entertainment program that gave the exclusive.

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“There are already the names of the participants that Channel 13 wants to be in the folder,” said the journalist, who assured that the production of the television reality program has already set its eyes on three popular female figures , and a retired athlete and media. .

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“They told me that the names that were heard and they wanted to put them in jail were Mauricio Pinilla, because he no longer has a contract with TVN next year; Viviana Nunes, to bring back all the controversy with Raquel Argandoña; Camila Recabarren, a reality show queen; and Katherine Salosny, a good name that I doubt will come in, but they can contact her,” he said.

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