Review of Concrete Utopia, social satire in the form of apocalyptic dystopia

concrete utopia

South Korean apocalyptic drama review concrete utopia ,Konkéuritou Utopia), written and directed by Tae-hwa Eom and starring Park Bo-young. Premieres on February 2, 2024.

Some films explore the terrain devastated country Almost always with the idea that we, as viewers, stop to think about how we would behave in an extreme situation.

is the case of concrete utopiaA South Korean production of amazing technical feats that begins with a natural disaster and creates a one-of-a-kind Imaginary sociological experiment in which the challenge is to survive without abandoning humanity.…and forced to consider the price we are willing to pay for standing still when everything falls apart.

Generosity is for times of abundance

The film begins by showing a massive earthquake that shakes Seoul, leaving the city in ruins and one building almost miraculously left standing. As is clear, it soon becomes a reference point where all survivors of the area come for help, temporarily settling at the entrance.

This forces tenants to make a drastic decision: they have to organize themselves like a miniature state to be able to measure their provisions and guarantee that they do not lack the most basic things. .

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Once they realize that their situation is not going to improve, they begin to take further steps: appoint a leader, create strict rules, expel non-owners, and provide the necessary food to survive. Organize a group to raid the surrounding area to obtain. stocking up.

Soon cracks begin to appear in the system when there are those who break the rules, those who twist them to take advantage of the situation and those who establish unfair privileges. Apartment buildings exhibit the same weaknesses as any political system.

Concrete Utopia

concrete utopia can be proposed as a complementary observation of Hole Because it shares many ideas with it: it is an uncomfortable and extreme social satire, it shows the obvious shortcomings that arise in any kind of social organization, which essentially renders an excluded population sector invisible and Shows corruption in all its glory.

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The film is supported by powerful pillars that keep it standing without difficulty (like the building in which most of the action takes place) during its 130 minutes, which never seem long: More than a solid production design, a solid script that doesn’t waver, a certain black humor and excellent special effects,

in amount, It’s a credible film that knows how to tug at the heartstrings and show extreme situations, but it maintains a good balance when it comes to being appropriately entertaining and biting.,

Concrete Utopia
Vertex Cinema

Yes, there are some twists in the script which are easy to predict.Something that may be due to the number of stories of this type that we have been seeing in recent years (although the causes have been other such as plague, zombie invasions or disasters of another nature).

In any case, concrete utopia It’s known for creating a believable world on a fairly large scale (the destruction of the city is shocking) and also for having great actors like Lee Byung-hun in service of the story. squid game), Park Bo-young (daily dose of sun) Oh Park Seo-jun (Miracle,

The film is well-paced, shot with a strong pulse and does not hesitate to bring out the worst and the best in humans, giving us one lime and the other sand. And it never fails to remind us that, even if our intentions are good when it comes to organizing ourselves, it is very easy to fall into chaos, madness or injustice.

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Carrying it into today’s environment, into our own systems of social organization, is almost automatic and therein lies its greatest (toxic) attraction.


A Destroyed Seoul is an experimental experiment exploring how humans behave in extreme situations in a film that is bleak at times but still offers a ray of hope for our species.

The best:

Technical bill, explanations and the final message of the film.


Some changes in its plot can be anticipated.