RheEnergise is revolutionizing hydroelectric power storage

RheEnergise está revolucionando el almacenamiento de energía hidroeléctrica

British company RheEnergise is revolutionizing hydroelectric power storage with its unique approach. Unlike traditional methods that require large mountains, RheEnergise’s technology uses small hills, making it applicable to a greater variety of terrain. In this method, using gravity, a high-density liquid called R-19 is pumped up a hill during the day and released at night to generate electricity on demand.

RheEnergise’s proprietary R-19 fluid is environmentally neutral and has a density 2.5 times that of water. Due to its density, RheEnergise requires only 40% of the height difference and 40% smaller tanks compared to traditional systems, significantly reducing material, installation and energy storage costs. In some cases, smaller tanks can even be buried underground.

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The exact composition of R-19 liquid remains a closely guarded secret, but what is known is that it is a powder that is mixed with water to create a dense substance. RheEnergise describes this solution as “ultra cheap”. Individual projects using R-19 liquid can supply between 10 and 50 MW of electricity to the grid, depending on demand.

The scalability and efficiency of the RheEnergise technology make it a significant advantage in the field of renewable energy. With over 6,500 potential sites identified in the UK alone, RheEnergise aims to deploy at least 100MW of R-19 powered energy storage by 2030 through its partnership with Mercia Power Response. While other storage methods such as lithium-ion batteries may be better suited for instantaneous power generation, RheEnergise’s focus is on long-term storage and providing reliable baseline energy for longer periods of time.

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RheEnergise’s innovative water storage technology is poised to revolutionize the energy industry, offering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for storing and delivering renewable energy on demand.

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