Ricardo Anaya wants to return to Mexico and become a PAN senator

Ricardo Anaya wants to return to Mexico and become a PAN senator

The Panist Ricardo Anaya wants to return to Mexico and politics when registering his pre-candidacy for the National Action Party (PAN) for one Senatorial of Queretaro in the 2023-2024 electoral process.

Anaya He left the country to live in the United States after the former director of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya He accused him of being one of them Beneficiary of Odebrecht bribes to vote for energy reform.

The PAN member aims to integrate the proportional representation list for the upper house.

Ricardo Anaya Wants To Return To Mexico And Become A Pan Senator

“CNPE Agreement – ​​​​028/2023 of the National Commission for Electoral Processes, establishing the origin of the registration of Ricardo Anaya Cortés as owner and Carlos Alberto Cárdenas Alamilla as deputy for the State of Querétaro to integrate the list of candidates is submitted to the Senate through a proportional representation that the National Action Party will register on the occasion of the 2023-2024 electoral process,” the document said, according to national media.

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Peña Nieto asked me to bribe Ricardo Anaya: Lozoya

In an expansion of his August 2020 complaint, Emilio Lozoya stated that former President Enrique Peña Nieto personally asked him to bribe Ricardo Anaya so that the PAN bank in the Chamber of Deputies would vote for the energy reform and its laws. Universities.

According to the reports in millennium In April 2022, Lozoya Austin reported in research folder FED/SEIDF/CGI-CDMX/0000865/2020 that he had a meeting with then-President Peña in January 2014, during which he told him that he considered Anaya an “ally.” “of course” for agreeing to the reforms because “he loved money.”

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“When Enrique Peña Nieto and I met on the first floor of this house, the then President of the Republic asked me to clarify ‘the outstanding payment to Ricardo Anaya Cortés for his positive vote for the constitutional reform’ (…), he said ” For me, Anaya was a natural ally for the passage of the reforms, especially the energy reform, because ‘he loved money,'” Lozoya explained.

Ricardo Anaya Wants To Return To Mexico And Become A Pan Senator

Anaya “was committed to implementing the secondary laws”: Lozoya

According to the former director of Pemex, at that meeting Peña Nieto also told him that Ricardo Anaya was “committed to implementing the secondary laws” but that it was necessary to give him money “because those from the PAN would not give in.” .” without Huarache” and that the PAN member “just got along badly with the senators from his own party” so that they had to be “bribed separately”.

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In the statement, Lozoya said Anaya threatened to form his faction and “tear down” the energy reform “if it was not implemented,” referring to providing him with more money.

The accusation was made loudly millennium based on Ricardo Anaya’s statement in which he denied being bribed.

“This seems surprising to me, since Enrique Peña Nieto, Luis Videgaray Caso, Ricardo Anaya Cortés and the PAN senators conspired and agreed to bribes in exchange for votes, demanded the granting of illegal contracts and acted together in 2013 and 2014 to to achieve this.” . receiving illegal benefits,” Lozoya said.

Ricardo Anaya Wants To Return To Mexico And Become A Pan Senator