Ricardo Monreal's nephew murdered in Fresnillo

Ricardo Monreal's nephew murdered in Fresnillo

Was the killing This Saturday Jorge Antonio Monreal Martínez, nephew of Morenoist senator Ricardo Monreal, after a armed attack in fresnillo, zacatecas,

This fact was confirmed on social networks by the Secretary General of the Government in Zacatecas, rodrigo reyes muguerza who reported that an armed attack had taken place in the community silversmith in the municipality of fresnillo,

Security forces of the three levels of government are strengthening operations in the Plateros community, where unfortunately the murder of Jorge Antonio Monreal Martínez was recorded, ” he indicated on his X account.

Reyes Muguerza stressed that “despite the reactions and complications of the state government, we declare that we will not rest until we find those responsible.

“We will not step back from our commitment to return peace to the people of Zacatecas. On behalf of the Government of Zacatecas, our solidarity and support go out to his family, friends and colleagues,” he said.

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The Secretary General of the Government in Zacatecas reported that “with the arrival of 800 elements of the Mexican Army, the presence of law enforcement forces in Fresnillo was strengthened.”

“In addition, both the Secretary of Public Security, the National Guard, and the Attorney General’s Office have increased their presence in the region to find those responsible for the events that occurred this week and to continue peacekeeping progress.”

T-ResearchMX’s report ‘MX: The War in Numbers’ reports that, according to the Ministry of Security and Civilian Protection’s registry of intentional killings, From 1 December 2018 to 10 February 2024 Time spent in presidential administration Andres manuel lopez obrador State and federal prosecutors have registered 178 thousand 832 murders malicious In Mexico,

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