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Richard Coler: a survey of the secrets that doctors know

With the patients, the Athenaeum, the working place, multiple relationships, that space where life, death, passions and emotions are manifested, the life of the “Doctor” (Planet) captures, as Ricardo Coler shows in his new book, the environment of moments. such as disputes. Coler is a physician, journalist and distinguished essayist and researcher, author of “The Kingdom of Women”, “Goddess”, “Eternal Youth”, “Forced Happiness” among other books. We talk with him.

Journalist: To what extent do factories prevent the appearance of new medical elements?

Ricardo Coler: it depends on the circumstances, but always something that can last for a while ends at a moment. When it is found to be strong, sustainable and effective in the long run, it appears, even if one does not like it. Medicine has veins that belong to professional publications where the strength and importance of that discovery is demonstrated. In the Labs nothing was allowed. It cannot be on television, radio or graphic advertising for anti-cancer drugs. That is forbidden. Nor can they spread rheumatological treatments or neurological diseases. These questions are addressed directly to dedicated professionals. As strong as the laboratory companies that work for the doctors, they offer a lot to them, and direct them to the opinion.

Q.: “Doctor”, is it an autobiographical novel?

RC: First, besides being a doctor, he has many differences with me. It is true that if you do not have some experience in the things that are told in the book, you cannot write about them. The device, which freezes certain tumors, was made in Argentina and has only been used in an Italian hospital. There is a cryosurgery device that has a specific indication, it is not suitable for everyone, it gives fantastic results, and most surgeons are unaware of it or contradict it. When looking at treatments against a certain type of cancer there are official guides, they are all there, and finally there are two lines for cryosurgery. Medical knowledge is incorporated, but ultimate and synthetic. It’s not like there is no. The method of medicine is beset by some, like all of us. They talk about “what is published” and there are eight hundred million things that do not enter our common conversation.

Q. : Together with this medical instrument created in Israel, it opens the first controversial discussion about the Jewish world.

RC: If you put “Jews and genes” on the Internet, you get a lot of genetic work showing that Ashkenazi Jews were never in the Middle East, and that they were an assimilated Eastern European race. Why is this crazy? The genes of the Jews are assimilated from the father, and only the mother confers Jewish status on the Jews. Rarely, even coming from the same mother Europe, are they so different. Is it possible that from the same mother and the same father there are children of all colors? There were no yellow boys in the Middle East. The book states that according to genetics, the only true Jews are Palestinians. Both the Israelis and the Arabs are conspiring to hide it, lest it lose the status quo of the situation. As science progresses, it shows that beliefs are disintegrating. This refers to “The Discovery of the Jewish People”, a book by Shlomo Sand, a professor at Tel Aviv University. Then there are those who contradict him.

Q.: There are moments of a Jewish family holiday that seem like something out of an Allen Wood movie.

RC: They put “Woody Allen at his best” on the back cover, but they removed it because of the accusations he has. What kind of “Doctor” is the man to whom they are acting? At one point the sociologist, a huge body, and the students in the college, who is his partner, tells him so.

Q.: Do you question the delivery of Viagra indiscriminately?

RC: I have nothing against factories, which have been invented a lot, nor against Viagra. In “Un médico” there is a story about a patient who does not like the fact that a woman is intolerable, and the doctor gives him Viagra and goes back with her, which Guy does not want. At one time a patient, who came without the protection of his wife, said to me: “Look, doctor, I can do that with others.” The problem with sexuality is often when people go to the doctor, and the doctor doesn’t know anything, he responds to their opinions, what they think about life, basically they say that it’s common sense. He knows nothing and says something, yet people go to the doctor.

Q.: Does your research in the world of women lead you to become the first spouses of all doctors?

RC: It is possible that in some way the “Kingdom of Women” and “women of many” are insinuated. Maybe that’s why in the books, at the beginning of the new character, he has a blonde half-fantasy, but later all his relationships are with sensible, active and professional women. As for the doctor’s relationship with the young widow, that is what he meets in the hospital, a girl who suffers the death of her husband and ends up having a relationship with him who was the family doctor.

Q.: What have you done so far?

RC: “The Doctor” has another side, with other locations and other characters. This time it all happens in Argentina and the personal situation of the protagonist changes. It may include new research, new evidence.

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