Rigo published the real photo in Urrao Classic, 2001

Rigo published the real photo in Urrao Classic, 2001

The history of the Colombian cyclist Rigoberto Uran became the favorites of Colombians who do not miss a moment of history every day, at 8:00 pm on Canal RCN.

The emotional photo of Rigoberto Urán in Urrao 2001

So every night Colombians will not miss a moment of this story with all the emotions of one. And now Rigo is trying to reach the finish line to become the winner of the “Urrao Classic”.

And although many think that it is easy for him, the truth is different because after the loss of his father, many things hurt Rigo. Yes, he wanted to put himself on the shoulders of his family, to be the man of the house, and at the same time, his mother informed him that he should continue to pedal in honor of his family.

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In social networks, Rigo truly shows the details of his life, especially what he experienced at that time, the small ones that were fulfilled, but the difficult moments that marked his life. An example of this is the photos he showed his father, the same day they showed the episode where he died.

But it also revealed an image of a special moment, what is now experienced on the screen, the classic Urrao, which took place in 2001 and where he was seen wearing the royal uniform.

He can be seen in the photo tired, tired and as it happened today, because Rigo is struggling in the competition because he has not practiced, he has not been on top of his game with his teammates and above all. because he wants to play many roles that have him in many situations.

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All of Colombia is connected to Rigo’s story

The messages of that emotional picture are immediate because Rigo is indeed loved and admired by many Colombians.

“It’s been a long time since I read a novel, I love how they show the importance of family unity and the strength it creates in children,” “the best novel, the beauty of life, the awards made, and more than this great Rigo who It has given us many victories”, “Wow, what a beautiful photo we are there, we hope that the frisoles have an effect”, are the words they left in cyclist on his Instagram account.