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Friday, March 5, 2021

Rihanna takes 18 crore rupees for a tweet, sympathy with farmers or part of propaganda? Learn the full story

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new Delhi: The name Robin is Rihanna Fanti and Fanti Inca Beauty Product. Crores of fans, as well as the promotion of beauty products… hence the big hand hit the big market. We are not saying this, but when a celebrity gets into controversy by tweeting, then it is necessary to scan it. American pop star Rihanna tweeted in support of the peasant movement but is there really any sympathy for Rihanna from the farmers or is there someone else who wants to further increase the distance between the peasant movement and the government. These questions are arising because The Print has published a report.

Rihanna was given $ 2.5 million, or about Rs 18 crore, to post in support of the farmer movement. According to the report, a PR firm named Sky Rocket gave Rihanna crores of rupees to post in support of the farmers movement and the PR firm was hired by the Canadian Poetic Justice Foundation through a global campaign and the global campaign was organized by Canada-based activist And politicians supported. According to reports, the director of the PR firm that owes Rihanna is Dhaliwal. It is also being said that Dhaliwal had created the toolkit that Greta Thanberg shared in her post.

Dhaliwal is a pro-Khalistan and accepted this in a social media post in September last year, and pop singer Rihanna also became part of a foreign propaganda that has gone rogue with the peasants’ movement, just for the greed of crores. did. Although this is not the first time that Rihanna’s name is associated with controversy, pop singer Rihanna has an old and deep connection to controversies.

In 2012, this tweet by Rehana was fiercely … when Rehana spoke about God being black in the circle of supporting blacks. In 2017, Rehana used the hijab of Muslim women at fashion shows to promote her beauty product Fanti. On which the Muslim community expressed its tremendous resentment. Rehana had to face insult to go to Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque for wearing even less clothes. Rihanna was shown the way out of the mosque, and now even after becoming a weapon to discredit the peasant movement, Rehana’s Pakistan connection is coming out.

Some pictures of Rihanna are becoming quite viral on social media. In which Singer is appearing with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Assistant and Cabinet Minister Zulfi Bukhari … Social media users are constantly trolling him. Even people are calling him Pakistani. Farmers of the country are protesting against the agricultural law and to really discredit their performance, is there a conspiracy through Rihanna. Investigation agencies here suspect that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has funded it to provoke the movement.

There is no concrete evidence of who gave Rs 18 crore to the tweet to Rihanna and where the money came from, but it is also true that if there has been smoke, then there is a fire somewhere because celebrities are getting every tweet They take crores of rupees, this truth is not hidden from anyone.

Veteran footballer Cristiano Ronaldo earns around Rs 6.2 crore per tweet.

Spanish footballer Andres Iniesta is named second … one of his tweets costs Rs 4.3 crore

Brazilian star striker Junior Neymar takes Rs 3.5 crore for a tweet

American Basketballer Lebron James Takes Rs 3.4 Crore Per Tweet

American model Kylie Jenner leads in terms of earnings from Instagram …

Kylie Jenner charges 8.73 crores for a promotional post

American singer Ariana Grande charges Rs 6.86 crore for a promotional post

Pop singer Rehana is also very popular on social media and she gets an amount of three and a half crores in exchange for a post.

Now it is a matter of thinking that whoever gets three crores of rupees for a tweet, who tweets with money, then how should he sympathize with the farmers. This thing does not come down the throat. It is being said that Rihanna was given seven times more than her price for posting on the farmers movement. Is Rehana really given a hefty amount for this, or is her product behind Rihanna’s tweet, or is the American pop star really in love with the farmers of Hindustan?

Rihanna’s company exploits children in India

Even though Rihana is giving a speech on the exploitation of the farmers of India, but she herself exploits the toiling masses. Rihanna’s fashion brand company Fenty, which is supporting the farmers’ movement, gets children waged. Their lives are put in danger. Mines from which raw material mica 4 is extracted for their beauty product. They are mostly in Jharkhand, India and small children are forced to work there. That is, Rehana gets child labor for her earnings. Which is not only illegal, but also immoral.

An NGO called the Legal Rights Observatory has filed a complaint against Rihanna’s company to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights. In which it is alleged that Rihanna’s company Fenty Beauty uses mica-4 from Jharkhand’s Koderma and Giridih mines and exploits children there. The complainant Vinay Joshi has demanded a probe into Rihanna’s company from the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights. The complaint states that Fenty Beauty extracts blood mica from Jharkhand’s mines through children. Where children have to work in dangerous situations. Referring to media reports in the complaint, it has also been claimed that Rihanna’s company Fenty Beauty has not even obtained the supply chain clearance certificate.

The mica from which Rehana’s company is getting rich … The children of India are the biggest victims of that mica … According to media reports, 19 of the mica mines in Koderma and Giridih, Jharkhand, in the last two years 19 There were deaths… but only 6 deaths were officially confirmed. That is, companies of moneylenders like Rihanna are not only killing the children of India …. but also resorting to corruption to hide the death toll.


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