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Friday, March 5, 2021

Rihanna’s ‘Fenty Beauty’ asbestos of Jharkhand, complaint to NCPCR regarding child labor

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Rihanna is known as the world’s richest singer. He is also ahead of Madonna and Beyoncé in terms of property. The owner of property worth Rs 4400 crore, Rihanna also runs a company called ‘Fenty Beauty’. A large part of their income comes from this. A complaint has been filed against this company for digging up mica from Jharkhand and child labor.

Rihanna partners with French company ‘LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton’ Have done, Which is operated by billionaire Bernard Runault. Now it is being said in some reports that this company makes child laborers and this metal digging company from Jharkhand does not even have its clearance.

Recently, furthering the agenda of the Khalistanis, Rihanna tweeted in support of the ‘Kisan Andolan’. He has been in controversy since then. There has also been controversy over the expansion of Rihanna’s business in India. Recently the company has also raised a large investment.

It is alleged that according to California law, there are certain rules and regulations in the case of child laborers, which this company does not follow. IANS news sources shared by complainant Vinay Joshi Want to say that Necessary audit is also not conducted in relation to human trafficking and child laborers, due to which it is feared that this company conducts child laborers. It is alleged that many children are employed in Jharkhand from where the company excavates mica.

While Rihanna tweeted on the so-called problem of farmers, there is no statement about them in this matter so far. NGO ‘Legal Rights Observatory (LRO)’ before the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) in this matter File a complaint It is provided. The president of the organization, Priyank Kanungo, has also confirmed receipt of the complaint.

LRO claimed that Rihanna’s cosmetic products company ‘Fenty Beauty’ takes mica from Koderma and Giridih in Jharkhand and does not even have a ‘supply chain clearance certificate’ which bans the use of child laborers. LRO has demanded an inquiry in this regard. The Responsible Mica Initiative (RPI) has stated that the supply chain that gives asbestos to Rihanna is not even registered to them.

The toolkit document accidentally leaked by Greta Thunberg reveals that her and singer Rihanna’s tweets were pre-planned and unrelated to actual support. Complete plan appears in the sheet. It was told who to tag and who to target while tweeting. Greta and Rihanna’s names can be seen separately in the screenshot of the document.

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