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Thursday, March 4, 2021

‘Rinku Sharma’s murder accused shouted slogans of Allah Hu Akbar’: Neighbors

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The police have so far arrested nine accused in the case of killing Rinku Sharma with sticks and sticks in front of his family in Mangolpuri, Delhi. The video of this massacre also went viral on social media, in which the accused can be seen in front of their mother and brothers beating them into the house. Now a local person has reported that the accused were later shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

Rinku Sharma’s mother only said that there is no such thing as a fight at a birthday party because her children have no time for all this. According to ABP News, the people of the locality told that the quarrel started only on religion and the killing was due to the Ram Mandir Chanda campaign. Both families had been living in the locality for a long time. During this time, a neighbor named Rajpal called the version of Delhi Police as untrue.

He said that the quarrel started from August 5, 2020, when Bhoomi Pujan took place in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the construction of a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya. He said that after this the local Hindus took out a procession and a rally was also held on 26 January. He told that Rinku Sharma helped the family of the accused Was of. He said that this matter is on the basis of 100 percent religion.

Neighbor Rajpal’s statement after 5:30 (Video courtesy: ABP News)

Neighboring Rajpal had said, “Why is the Delhi Police not saying that the accused who were arrested have sat inside the police station and raised slogans of Allah Hu Akbar.” He has done this in front of the policemen. What a matter of concern. ” Other people of the locality also said that Ram was eating from the accused Rinku only because of the procession for the temple.

Crime Branch of Delhi Police is taking action against the accused by identifying witnesses and CCTV footage. Mangolpuri resident 40-year-old Deen Mohammed alias Sakruddin son Salauddin, 22-year-old Dilshan alias Aftab son Deen Mohammed, 21-year-old Fayaz alias Sadri son Mohammad Kareem Alam and 21-year-old Faizan alias Nirala son Reema Alam – these freshly arrested accused Huh.

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