Rise in dollar complicates production of craft beer: IPA may “disappear”

leap of Dollar affects the economy and the food industry in general, producing craft beer does not avoid this situation, because many of the inputs are of origin foreign, and in the case of certain varieties of drinks, such as the symbolic IPAIts production became so complicated and expensive that some producers warned that “may be missing,

In conversation with 0223, leonardo ferrariReferences in Mar del Plata Argentine Chamber of Craft Beer Producers He added that because of the “shortage” of hops, mainly IPAs, “there is a risk that they will disappear.”

“In general, we buy nationalized supplies in pesos, but they sell it directly at the dollar price. This happens in most industrial inputs, not just beer. In our case, we deal with official dollars, which Depreciates slightly with inflation. Although most inputs are available, it still has problems JumpSince majority of among them are imported, And the government formed about 45 days ago Non-automatic license for hopsFerrari explained.

The production of some varieties of beer becomes more complicated because its inputs are imported. Example photo: 0223

In this sense, the brewers of the famous beer Antaresassured that “for almost 2 months, the shortage of hops has had a strong impact on IPAs, which are the epitome of craft beer. They are in danger of disappearing. For now, but if imports are not regulated , then there may be a shortage of IPAs in a month”, he warned.

The increase in inputs has already been transferred to the price of beer

Juan Esteban EcheveriRepresentatives of Award-Winning Beers”chevery”, he added that “inputs like field And this hopswhich a. used to produce quality beerSon imported And for a while it got more complicated. Today they are available at any cost and that is why it has been transferred to the cost of beer.”

The brewer explained that the hops are used “to add bitterness and to obtain flavor and aroma, and this is achieved with imported ones, which are of much better quality and richer” and therefore “as much as possible In order to maintain the same quality as “beer, we look for other suppliers to get better price”.

Most of the inputs for craft beer are of foreign origin. Example photo:0223

In this context, Echeveri stated that “in the case of the IPA, I do not think that production is at risk, but what remains to be seen is that Many breweries no longer use imported hops because they are expensive and hard to come by., That’s where you start looking at the bar, Different IPA Prices Which can be between 350 and 500 pesos. If you take something more expensive you make sure you are getting something very good. In others they are fine but perhaps the taste is more uneven. For this reason, there are products like Session IPA that leave the factories with the least profitability. But in our case, we will continue to maintain quality at any cost”, he insisted.

In the end, Echevery admitted that “in mid-July”. 10% increase, climbing which we had not done since March. In the case of bars, an increase in dairy products or meats is added to the supply week after week and we try to maintain that so that it is not transferred to menu prices,” he concluded.


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