Rising bonds weigh on Ibex 35

Rising bonds weigh on Ibex 35

New downward session of the main global indices, which in the case of Europe, suffered since the beginning of the day, after the downward closing of China and the doubts that its economy continues to create, mainly from the real estate sector. On Wall Street, after closing the worst week since March, today’s session began with a mixed sign, driven by the agreement reached in Hollywood to end the current strike, and with the burden of consumer companies, after the sector suffered a downgrade by various rating agencies.

Regarding the Ibex 35, the current fall has been added in the last few days, take the selection to almost 9,350 points, and none of its values ​​ended in the positive. The energy sector was one of those that suffered the most during the session, due to the increase in bond yields, due to the expectation that the central banks will maintain interest rates at the current level of higher time. In the case of the 10-year Spanish bond, its yield was around 3.90%, trading at the highest level since 2014. The tourism sector also ended up with a large part of its components among the worst performers. value of the day, with a fall of more than 3 %, in the case of IAG, Amadeus and Meliá, due to the expectation of new increases in oil prices. In any case, the fall will extend to other sectors, due to the uncertainties of the world economy.

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In other assets, the evolution of the dollar stands, which rises again, in times of fall, and affects the price of most raw materials and the main currencies.

Tomorrow the Consumer Confidence will be published in the US, which, although it is at a level that shows optimism, suffered a remarkable decline last month. Data on sales of used homes and building permits will also be published in a sector that continues to be heavily penalized by high interest rates.


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