Rivers – Newells, Live, to the Professional League: Gallardo’s team beats the championship with best team work

Rivers beat Newell 4-1, in a match played by the Professional League tonight at Monumental. The millionaires were seven points behind team leader Atlético Tucumán. It was perhaps the best collective and individual performance by the Marcelo Gallardo-led team in the competition. From Mammana to Solari, from Palavecino to Quinto, almost everyone played well, from the surprising starter. The third slogan was that of Pinola, which was being played from the very beginning. At 39 years old and in leadership, he maintains his legitimacy in both areas.

Pinola, with right foot, Simone, from right to center. And Suarez, who has just entered, defines the first, high, impossible for the goalkeeper. The first ball touched by the striker, who reaches 35 wins, equals Pitti Martinez as a gunner in Gallardo’s circle. A goal from Manuel with a counterattack after a defeat by Pablo Perez.

At 39, Javier Pinola jumps higher than everyone else in the opponent’s field and, with a header and following a corner sent by Palavecino, he scores the third goal. The protector is appreciated, inspired by affection and above all, time passes. Maidana enters for Mamman with physical discomfort and the defensive formula is repeated with more experience in One Millionaire Key.

Pablo Perez, on a rebound, seals the remission, followed by a major intervention from Armani. The goalkeeper assures that Funez commits a breach, but there is no call from VAR. Or, at least, the tech confirms that there are no flaws, just a strong touch. Enter Borja and Simon in the river.

Juanfar, from time to time, holds magic flashes that are reminiscent of the river, especially from the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2019. He almost converts third (later, he yells at Beltran, who doesn’t hit the ball), after a false start by Morales.

The blast of football behind the illusion and effectiveness in just 20 minutes, the end of the first half. The second part begins with Newell’s unknown, with Pablo Pérez on the field: go out in search of the hypothesis of exemption and equality or wait for an opportunity by the river to cause a defensive error (usually near them). The giant, with sharp fangs, goes forward.

After an uncertain start, suffocated by Newells, with some doubts, River picks up the pace with an excellent performance by Solari, who is retractable from right field. The Palavesino-Quintero formula is a success and behind it, Mammana is going through a phase of perseverance and confidence. Why Newell? Little, almost nothing. Vangioni retired injured, to applause. “Ole, ole, piri, piri”, chants, while the keeper cries, dismayed. Pablo Perez enters, questioned by fans, for his past in Boca.

Celebrate Solari, a party river at the memorial
Celebrate Solari, a party river at the memorialThe Nacion / Mauro Alfieri

Once again, Solari, the player who has recently arrived on the river and is a fan of the band’s club, becomes an affiliate of the network. Head raised, cross shot, classic No. 7. The previous combination is between Quintero and Palavecino, leading in midfield. Even Enzo Perez is convinced: he finished a free kick at the hands of goalkeeper Morales.

A shot from Solari, when little or nothing happens, strays into Vangioni and entangles Morales, former Lan goalkeeper. River wins, almost unintentionally, with a little bit of play.

A left footed shot by Solari, followed by a few blows and an assist from Juanfer Quintero, represented the only opportunity for River during the first half of the first half. The domain, now, is almost exclusive, under the order of number 10, but without explosions or arrivals. Gallardo showed his anger towards the judges and his disenchantment with the aggressive game.

Solari cannot move beyond the right flank of the river attack
Solari cannot move beyond the right flank of the river attackThe Nacion / Mauro Alfieri

With pressure and depth on the wings, Newell is taken by surprise and passes out by the river’s exit, which is not clean. The ball is delivered by midfielders, without much creativity in the first moments. Measuring each other in a game of differences.

With a few surprises in the starting lineup, such as Pinola, in defense and with Juanfer Quintero as the captain’s belt and traditional hitch, River has the ball and dominant role in clashes with Newell. Test of character to maintain hope of fighting for the title.

The company adidas launched a new starting shirt from this Friday River For the 2022/23 season. premiere is before this saturday newells Old Boys at Memorial Stadium. new shirt Shows a modern application of the Millionaire Red Band, achieving an original design that connects past, present and future, as there is also the new Club Shield and also A polo-style collar inspired by the iconic River Shirt of the ’90s, On the back of the neck it bears the institutional slogan “Greatness”. This new garment is presented under the new motto “From River to Heart”

With Juan Fernando Quintero as starter, Marcelo Gallardo defined the team. This is the main surprise as always from an offensive team, with Solari-Beltran as the attacking partner. Javier Pinola also from the start and with the captain’s belt. Newell’s Lionel Vangioni plays, which marked an era in Muneko’s first stage as River’s coach.

Newell slowly fell apart after a fine start under Javier Sanguinetti, undefeated for eight days, but the loss against Rosario Central in the Classic hit hard and was nothing quite the same. A total of seven days without a win, after the Classic Newell scored barely one point out of nine. and stands on 11 points from Tucuman today. Far from the qualifying zone of the Copa Libertadores. Newell has won just four times in the last 20 years in Nez: the last was on November 26, 2017, 3–1 with goals from Luis Leal, Brian Sarmiento and Hector Fertoli.

Welcome to the coverage of this match, live. River, inspired by last week’s 1-0 win over the Independent at Avellaneda, receives Newell this Saturday, To reduce the gap to 10 units with a mission to achieve a victory that sees them away from Pointer Atlético Tucumán in the 13th match. Professional Football League (LPF) date. It is played in front of a crowd at the Memorial Stadium, from 8:30 pmMediated by Fernando Ichenic and with television from TNT Sports.

Enzo Perez to start after recovering from left knee injury Which marginalized him in 25 minutes of the match against Raid. Pablo Solari will also be in the starting eleven, an indecent piece for right field.


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