Road Safety: Changes in the Automotive Industry


Change of Automotive industry in cases of road safety They are fundamental in Argentina, as car accidents rank fourth in the list of incidents that cause the most deaths nationally. During 2022, there were 6,184 deaths due to this cause, according to data produced by Let’s Fight for Life.

When analyzing the effects of road accidents, three factors intervene: the human, the vehicle, and the environment. As the first is imperfect by nature, it aims to improve the remaining two. Aiming to reach what the Swedes have defined as the Vision Zero paradigm Which refers to an acceptable number of deaths from accidents and other traffic problems.

what they propose is road and car design and technical innovation so as not to pay with one’s life, He proposed advances such as a DAS, o Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Which are electronic assistive devices in vehicles to assist the driver in certain situations that may arise while driving.

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one of these examples stability control Compulsory for all 0km cars sold in the national territory from January 2022. it’s a tool allows you to maintain control of the car when performing emergency maneuvers Such as when dodging objects, reducing the chance of disorientation or flipping.

Stability control is one of the elements that saved more people in the world after three-point seat belts. The seat belt usage rate in Argentina is only 50%, a number that shows the need to raise awareness of its importance when out and about.

at the beginning of 2016 ISOFIX was established as mandatory a two-point anchor mode that Allows child seat to be fixed Guarantees its correct installation, conveniently and securely on the seat of the vehicle. Another change happened at the beginning of the year 2014 when it was established as a requirement Has dual front airbags and ABS,

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Another element with which it was innovated is system of Autonomous Lane Keeping, which is not yet mandatory in Argentina, Apart from premium manufacturer models Volvo and high-end cars brands like BMW and Mercedes Bnz, other companies are including them in their new versions. it’s a matter of Chevrolet Cruze or Ford Focus,

The same Allows the car to detect the shoulder of the lane and straighten the marchhe is Overrides the person’s judgment and corrects the direction of the vehicle, This is important because andl 51% of accidents in Argentina are head-on why They contribute to 60% of deaths.

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more advances that are talking about in this area are Sleep detectors, devices that read the driver’s irises and blinks at what point to measure whether you are sleeping They make a buzzer sound to wake you up., He too Alcohol interlock system that prevents the vehicle from starting when the driver was drunk.

Finally, novelty of 2023 What are they Geolocation chips are located inside the airbag and that, in case of explosion, Trigger an alert for emergency services So that they can locate the accident and see the people involved within a few minutes.


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