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Roads: fines are waived for driving and using a cell phone

Vicente Cruz was traveling on his motorcycle and manipulating his cell phone when the traffic light turned red in the Auditorio neighborhood. He didn’t realize it when he went through a green light and was hit by a truck. “I was distracted … and the driver of the truck didn’t even see me. Luckily it didn’t come that hard, but I had to go to the hospital”.

Elena Garcia received a call while she was driving through Alcalde. He took out the phone from his bag and when he reacted it had already hit a truck. “It cost me money to repair my car. And in the end I sprained my neck.”

Although driving and using a cell phone or any technical device represents a greater risk when it comes to road accidents, according to data from the National Census of the State of Public Safety of Inegi published in 2022, the Jalisco Road Police fewer violations Does For example, While in 2020, there were 17,276 fines for “driving using a cell phone or electronic device”, this dropped to 15,120 in 2021.

Yesterday, from 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM, 36 motorists in Hidalgo and Federalism were found using cell phones. Although sometimes there is a road agent, but no one was fined.

The Injuries Observatory of the State Council for the Prevention of Accidents tells the population to avoid steering wheel-cell phone combinations, as they trigger road accidents, injuries and deaths.

Roberto Ulises Estrada, head of Jalisco’s College of Urban Mobility Professionals, highlighted the need for people to obey road rules, but stressed that road agents should pay more attention and impose fines to raise awareness.


Fined for using a cell phone while driving From 1,556 to 2,593.50 pesos.

The Medium yesterday looked at drivers who used cell phones while driving on the streets of the metropolis. One of them was detected doing so at the intersection of Chapultepec and Pedro Moreno in Guadalajara. Informer. navarrese

Steering wheel and cell phone increase the risk of accidents

The Injury Observatory of the State Council for the Prevention of State Accidents confirms this In Guadalajara, 60% of drivers drive with some form of distraction, mainly cell phones, Due to which the risk of getting involved in a road accident increases four times.

The recommendation is that drivers should use a hands-free device to make calls.

To send a text message, you must stop or park the vehicle to be safe and avoid accidents. On highways or byways, speed can result in a fatality.

Another option is to install an application on the cell phone, such as LifeSaver, TextAssured, or Text Drive, among others. These will allow you to drive without worrying about texting or answering calls, as they have the mission of blocking cell phones.

Roberto Ulises Estrada Meza, president of Jalisco’s College of Urban Mobility Professionals, calls on the population to be responsible and follow the rules of the road.

He indicated that it is necessary to enforce the violations and also called upon the public to attend to take street culture courses.

Hector Payen, an expert on public health, has warned Reading a message on a cell phone causes the driver to take his or her eyes off the road for five seconds. “Is it short time?” He concluded: “If you travel at 75 kilometers per hour, we are talking about a distraction that is enough to cross an entire football field.”

Furthermore, he noted that according to some studies, Changes in driver behavior due to cell phone use are compared to changes that occur when driving under the influence of alcohol.

four distractions

sight. Pay attention to visual stimuli such as reading messages.

Hearing. Avoid distractions, such as using music while driving or making phone calls.

Physics. Take your hands off the wheel to do any other activity.

cognitive. Turn the attention to the thoughts.


22 Young people between the ages of 15 and 29 die in road accidents every day, mainly due to cell phone use while driving; According to data from Mexico’s National Institute of Public Health. For its part, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute indicates that a driver who texts while driving is 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash than one who does not.

Roads: Fines Are Waived For Driving And Using A Cell Phone

Using a cell phone while driving carries a fine of between 1,556 and 2,593.50 pesos. Informer. navarrese

background curtain

Violators and Road Policemen

Jacqueline Guerrero got two traffic tickets in a single day. He was driving the psychologist from his home through the Periférico when he stopped at a red light at the height of Tabachins. A cousin called out to him when she realized he was a few meters ahead. But when he answered and put it on loudspeaker, a highway agent pulled him over to pay the fine.

That day, when he left his office, he went to the Civil Registry, where he received another fine for parking illegally.

“I paid them the next day to take advantage of the discount they offered and they were half the price. At the time I regretted paying, especially the fine for talking on a cell phone. I know Driving and talking on the phone is a bad habit, but as it advises people to be more careful while driving for everyone’s safety, as one can get distracted and cause an accident,” Jacqueline he said.

Despite being low, the fine for using a cell phone or any technical device while driving by the road police in Jalisco is one of the highest 10. In 2022 according to the National Census of State Public Security released by ENEGI.

With a total of 15,120 violations by road agents, this type of violation ranked eighth among the most enforced fines in our entity.

The first three positions are occupied by double parking or prohibited places, driving without seat belts and driving without a valid license or permit.

one more case

On October 24, Mario Vincenzo was driving along the Olympic Road in Guadalajara. Shortly before reaching a traffic light at the University Center for Exact Sciences and Engineering, he took out his cell phone to check his route on a browser.

At that very moment, a highway agent came up to him and explained: “Will you stop there, please.” He asked her to get out of the car, hand over the driving license and circulation card.

“He said to me: ‘Do you know how much the fine is for using a phone while driving?’ This is 15 days minimum wage. how do we do it? The fine doesn’t suit you. Are you sure you want to pay them?’ And he kept asking me about where I was going …”.

Angered by the officer’s stubbornness, Mario demanded that he put on a sheet. Although unsatisfied, and seeing that Mario was not going to give up, the official decided to give him the ticket, saying:

“Get back in the car, I don’t want them to see I’m asking for a bite.”

For the violation, he paid about 1,500 pesos.

10 most common road fines in Jalisco

  1. Double parking or restricted space.
  2. Driving without a belt.
  3. driving without a license
  4. Driving without circulation card.
  5. driving without lights
  6. Driving vehicle without license plate.
  7. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet.
  8. Driving using a cell phone or electronic device.
  9. Turning in prohibited areas.
  10. Lifting or lowering people in prohibited areas.

they reject agents

The performance of the Jalisco Highway Police has been described as “terrible” or “poor” by nine out of 10 people who responded to a survey conducted on the website of this publishing house.

Two thousand 304 Internet users took part in the survey: 67% considered the actions of road agents “horrible” and 22% answered that it was “bad”.

In the survey, 7% said the job was “good” and only 4% said it was “excellent”.

Inegi’s latest national survey of hunting and safety perceptions details this 73.9% of those interviewed described street agents as the most corrupt corporation above police officers and judges.

Roads: Fines Are Waived For Driving And Using A Cell Phone

Using devices while driving increases the risk of accidents by up to four times. Informer/C. zepeda

Application to avoid using the phone


This app activates in the background and automatically detects that the person is driving to lock the phone while driving. The app generates reward messages for safe driving. And it allows you to receive a push notification when you arrive at the destination.


Due to its personalized settings, you can choose which features you want to be restricted while driving. You can remove incoming notifications, block calls, send SMS to preset contacts and silence the device.


It contains programming messages that will be automatically sent as you type them. is compatible with WhatsApp why Facebook messenger, You can configure it so that it automatically activates at certain times of the day, days of the week, at a specific location, or when the GPS detects that you’re driving.

drive safely

This app reads incoming text messages and SMS through the phone’s speakerphone or handsfree, But it doesn’t answer you by voice. It tells you where the call is coming from so you don’t have to look at the screen.

text drive

configure the application Auto reply and message reader. It runs in the background and is activated by Bluetooth, it reads messages in voice and allows you to automatically reply to texts with preset responses.

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