Robert Miller’s alleged victims say they were forced to lie by his lawyer


An attorney retained by Robert Miller while he was the subject of a police investigation nearly 15 years ago allegedly advised alleged victims to lie for his client’s benefit, according to new statements released by police. at the class action lawsuit against the billionaire.

On December 4, six testimonies were added to the class action procedures, which have not yet been authorized but now have 47 participants. All the women say they were sexually exploited by the businessman when they were minors, allegations that span decades.

Two of the new participants, identified in their statements as Mrs. 47 and Mrs. 48, said criminal defense attorney Stephen Angers forced them to lie to authorities about their ages during their interactions with Robert Miller.

In February, the show Investigations on Radio-Canada revealed that Robert Miller, the wealthy owner of Future Electronics, spent years recruiting underage girls, whom he paid for sex. Robert Miller has always denied the charges against him.

The case was the subject of an SPVM investigation in 2008–2009, but no charges were filed at that time.

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These recent statements detail how the work of attorney Stephen Angers, who at the time was retained by Robert Miller, may have undermined police efforts.

In September, the criminal attorney was named a co-defendant in a $9.5 million lawsuit filed against the billionaire. The plaintiff says that Me Angers will have that time to prevent victims from telling investigators about their experiences within Miller’s network.

Angers opposes these methods.

However, the Montreal criminal lawyer’s name resurfaced this week. In their testimonies, Madame 47 and Madame 48 said that they were questioned by the SPVM in 2008 or 2009 as part of the police investigation aimed at Robert Miller.

They admitted to two of the investigators that they had paid for sexual relations with the businessman when they were minors.

After this meeting, they said they spoke with Robert Miller and his partner Joseph—a nickname used by Sam Abrams, close to Miller and high up at Future Electronics—to explain to them what was going on.

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Madame 47 said that Joseph They were to be ordered not to speak to the police, and the Miller family would each be awarded thousands of dollars to buy our silence.

Then, Joseph allegedly arranged a meeting with Stephen Angers, whom Madame 48 described as Robert Miller’s attorney at the time. The criminalist should have explained to them how to proceed.

He also told us that we had to make a false statement to say that we had miscalculated and that we were actually adults in our first meetings with “Bob,which confirms Madame 48 in her declaration.

Angers accompanied them to court, where they said they spoke to a woman they did not know.

He is wearing a special dress, but I am not sure whether it is a lawyer’s dress or a judge’s dress, said Madame 48. We lied, as Mr. Angers does, and we said that “Bob” helped us and that we were adults in our first meetings with him.

Madame 47 also said that she felt obliged to lie to this woman: I did it because I was scared.

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In response to questions from Radio-Canada, a spokesperson for the Quebec Bar wrote that no lawyer can induce his client to lie or do any illegal act.

The bar cannot confirm or deny the proceedings of an investigation regarding Me Angers for reasons of confidentiality.

The SPVM could not comment on this matter.

Neither Stephen Angers nor Sam Abrams responded to Radio-Canada’s questions.

In addition to the class action led by the Consumer Law Group, Robert Miller is also the target of three individual lawsuits, totaling nearly $30 million in damages.

By email, Karim Renno, the lawyer for Mr. Miller, says he is making false allegations that were already made public by another media outlet in September and denied.

The businessman, who has always denied all allegations against him, contested the proceedings. His attorney did not respond to our questions about the relationship between Robert Miller and Stephen Angers and invited us to contact Me Angers for questions about him.