Robert Rojas Tries On New Band: See How Long?

Robert Rojas Tries On New Band: See How Long?

new shirt, new life, Robert Rojas, in the clinic for more than four months due to a fractured tibia and fibula, held the crest of the river on the day of its premiere and filled millionaire hearts with hope. his return to the right wing, When Marcelo Gallardo misses him the mostis near.

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One side is used to facing the onslaught of its brand more than the cameras. Still, like a model, the defenders of the CARP didn’t shrink. Now, when will you be able to show the new skin in the game? It will be in one, two or at most three weeks depending on your physiological response., This is the last step in your setup and it’s an idea to handle it carefully.

There is little left to return to Sicario's lawn.  (Diego Halias)

There is little left to return to Sicario’s lawn. (Diego Halias)

Initially, Rojas will do some general studies next week. If he develops well, he is expected to train with shorts in the last days of August. We’ll have to wait for the doll’s OK to debut, who doesn’t want to rush it: Fracture is a serious thing, so the first thing you have to do is gain confidence in your right leg and get into the rhythm of the game.

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Unknown on the right:

Without a definitive char, Gallardo urgently needs the reincorporation of Sicario. Defense is one of the weakest points of this river, with Milton Casco to his right (his status as bisexual with the right profile allows him to switch bands). Andres Herrera should be in that role, but he still hasn’t adapted, while Emanuel Mamana centre-back, “my natural position”, is doing well. As a dire circumstance, its price on the left is Elias Gomez.

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To his teammates with doubts, Robert has a message: “He who plays has to be 100%, that’s what Gallardo instilled in us. If it touches you, you have to take advantage of it. If not then know what happens“. He said a few months ago made a full recovery. Once he joins the squad, the winger will try to get the band back.

He broke his tibia and fibula in a Copa Libertadores duel on 6 April.  (AP Photo/Martin Mejia)

He broke his tibia and fibula in a Copa Libertadores duel on 6 April. ( Associated Press Photo/Martin Mejia)