Roche Institute opens registration period for Personalized Medical Seminar for University Students @InstitutoRoche

Roche Institute opens registration period for Personalized Medical Seminar for University Students @InstitutoRoche

The Roche Institute Foundation continues another year, with its commitment to bring Personalized Precision Medicine closer to the health care and research professionals of the future, and it organized a symposium aimed at university students in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). does so by doing. and the Val d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) in Barcelona.

The seminar, the attendance of which is free of charge with prior registration, will take place from Tuesday 27 September to Thursday 29 September under the title ‘.Personalized precision medicine, from theory to practice‘, at the Selex Center. The registration period is now open and all students of any center and university who are pursuing a degree related to health sciences and who are interested in learning and deepening important foundations in the approach to medicine in the future. Hands of experts.

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This sixth edition of the above symposium (after the previous ones held in Madrid, Valencia, Salamanca, Málaga and Pamplona) was presented by Dr., Head of the Medical Oncology Section of the Val d’Hebron University Hospital, Dr. is coordinated by Joan Carles; and Dr. Isabel Ruiz Camps, an assistant doctor in the same center’s Infectious Disease Service and associate professor of medicine at UAB.

“At the Fundación Instituto Roche, we are also committed to training the professionals of the future and we are proud to be able to celebrate a new version of this curriculum. For this reason, I enroll students in careers related to the health sciences seminar that will help them understand the paradigm shift that Personalized Precision Medicine entails and complement their academic training in areas that will be important in their professional practice tomorrow”, the Managing Director of this organization , says Consuelo Martin de Dios.

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medicine of the future

For Joan Carles, “Personalized precision medicine will be one of the pillars on which future medicine will be based. For a long time, we have interpreted various diseases as changes at the cellular level, however, in recent years, we have The importance of the stroma supporting these cells, along with the interactions between the two, are accounting for the importance of the microenvironment at that level”.

For her part, the Isabel Ruiz Camp indicates that “Knowledge of the many applications of Personalized Precision Medicine is an interesting topic, with present and future for all students. Personalized Precision Medicine began to be applied in neurological or autoimmune oncohematology.” disease, for example, but it is beginning to be applied to other areas of medicine”.

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