Rocket Racing: the new arcade racer from Psyonix available now in Fortnite

rocket racing 1

Psyonix’s latest offering, Rocket Racing, borrows many of Rocket League’s signature features to create a Fortnite-based racing game. Announced during The Game Awards 2023, The title will be released later today and will be available on various platforms compatible with Fortnite, which promotes game mechanics that reflect the essence of Rocket League.

This supersonic arcade racing game will allow players to use familiar Rocket League skills, such as jumping and drifting, while avoiding obstacles on the tracks. The gameplay trailer also shows familiar elements from Fortnite and Rocket League, such as the llama piñata, an icon of the Battle Royale game, and the iconic Rocket League ball, suggesting an interesting combination of the two you world

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A bridge between gaming universes

Rocket Racing, which was announced earlier this month, is billed as a game that allows players to use the same cars in Rocket Racing and Rocket League, thanks to a mechanism called Vehicle Locker that facilitates transfers between the two games. This feature connects the worlds of the two games, offering an interconnected and promising experience for fans of both titles.

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The title is billed as a high-speed arcade racing experience with elements of Fortnite and Rocket League, allowing players to enjoy exciting combat on wheels, maintaining the essence of the games it honors and offering a a unique connection between the two universes.

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