Rockies beat Cardinals on home runs by Rodgers and McMahon

Rockies beat Cardinals on home runs by Rodgers and McMahon

DENVER ( Associated Press) — Brendan Rodgers and Ryan McMahon hit back-to-back homers during a six-run seventh inning drive for the Colorado Rockies, who won an 8-6 win over the St. Louis Cardinals on Thursday night. ,

With this win, the Rockies won their first series since the All-Star break.

Colorado, who took three more hits from Paul Goldschmidt, including his 27th homer, improved from July 22 to 7–14.

Former Rockies slugger Nolan Arenado hit his 24th home run and extended his hitting streak to nine games. However, he dismissed two in the ninth inning and that was the end for the Cardinals.

St. Louis suffered a second blow in three games since registering seven consecutive wins.

Jordan Hicks (3-6) went twice with one in seventh. He was relieved by Dominican Genesis Cabrera.

Charlie Blackmon broke the tie 2-2 with a ground ball that went to the right and Jose Iglesias followed with an RBI single to center field.

Rodgers then hit his three-run homer which sent the ball about 407 feet after hitting a changeup on the first pitch. He has scored 19 runs for 10 runs in his last four matches.

McMahon hit a single homer in the right field to end Cabrera’s performance, who had only thrown 13 pitches.

Brian Cervan played a double innings of two runs and Lucas Gilbreth (1-0) of Colorado played a perfect seventh inning.

For the Rockies, Cuban Jose Iglesias 4-2, scored a run, scored a run. Dominican Elehuris Monteiro 4-0.

Puerto Rican Yadier Moilna scored 4-1 for the Cardinals and Colombia’s Brendan Donovan scored 4-1.

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