Rodrigo Romero was caught driving drunk in Bucaramanga

Attention: Rodrigo Romero, co-director of the Green Alliance, was caught driving drunk in Bucaramanga

In a control operation carried out in the early hours of this Sunday, December 10, in Bucaramanga, Rodrigo Romero Hernández, co-director of the Green Alliance, was arrested after being caught driving under the influence of alcohol. The politician travels in a high-end truck and carries a free movement permit issued by the Senate of the Republic.

The incident happened on Carrera 33 between streets 33 and 34, where transit agents were conducting the operation. Carlos Bueno, director of Tránsito Bucaramanga, reports the event of his safety on the road”.

“This morning, during a control operation on Carrera 33 between streets 33 and 34, our traffic agents stopped and detained the driver of a high-end truck with a free circulation permit issued by the Senate of the Republic, who is identified as Rodrigo. Romero Hernández,” reported the director of transit.

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According to Bueno, “when Rodrigo Romero got out of the car, the corresponding evaluations were done, and the breathalyzer test revealed degree 3 of alcohol intoxication. Immediately, legal procedures were carried out, immobilizing the vehicle and issuing individual summonses,” he explained.

The vehicle did not move the authorities. According to the law, Rodrigo Romero will lose his driver’s license for 10 years. In addition, the fine will be up to 25 million pesos.

Carlos Bueno emphasized that the performance of the transit agents “approves their commitment to the institution that the use of the law is for everyone, regardless of the social status, position, or position they hold.” Likewise, he clarified that his main message continues to be “#SavingLivesEnLaVa,” reaffirming the commitment of the Bucaramanga Transit Directorate to road safety.

Due to the involvement of Rodrigo Romero within the Green community, many citizens and members of other political parties are waiting to know the position of the party and whether they will take action against his behavior, which is supposedly framed by his behavior and example.

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