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Role of Technology in War

Current wars are fought on the battlefield, but they have another dimension in which the use of new technologies applied to weapons and military material plays a very important role and, at the same time, as a very important complement to the military potential of each contender. In, general-purpose technical.

The example of the war in Ukraine is very revealing in this regard. The progress the Ukrainian army has been making recently is undoubtedly due to the drive and morale generated by fighting to defend their country against invaders, but also by being able to rely on highly advanced technologies developed by the most important technology companies globally. There is also a reason to be.

In the case of Russia it is similar, but at a lower level because the morale of its armed forces does not seem to be at the same level as that of its rival and because its technological level is lower, although this does not prevent it from having great accuracy with missiles or strategic target drones. There are other advantages to attacking with and provided by technology.

In a conflict such as the present, in which Europe and, above all, the United States have been decisively involved in preventing a Russian victory, it is logical to assume that all possible technological advances from North American companies are being harnessed, in some cases in others because of their close ties to the US military industrial complex and in others for the companies’ own interest or simply because they are available for general use.

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One of the first steps a military takes to weaken an enemy is to disrupt its communications, and these currently rely heavily on the Internet. In the case of Ukraine, despite Russian efforts to intercept its communications, some experts have noted the important role that broadband Internet service and global coverage via satellites deployed by private companies are playing, making ground servers vulnerable to Russian attacks. make them more sensitive to

In the case of Ukraine, access to the Internet and communications is critical not only for ground combatants, but also for the activities of the government and the various agencies involved, non-governmental organizations, the media, and the media. general population.

The use of technology developed by large companies such as Microsoft or small startup-type companies for the use of artificial intelligence in various fields, such as processing large amounts of information, establishing communications, receiving satellite images, or countering cyberattacks, also Ukrainian plays a very important role for Interests.

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Another dimension that is of great interest is the social network, which today is a very important tool for communication on a global scale, but which is also a fundamental instrument in the development of a conflict. In the Ukrainian case, it is used to inform and block or counter propaganda and disinformation originating in Russia.

In the case of Russia, its technology level is lower than in the West and its dependence on components manufactured by foreign companies is high, and sanctions greatly limit the availability of certain technologies. Despite this, the use of these technologies is the same and they are a fundamental tool for the activity of their armed forces in general and, in the case of social networks, for using them in information or disinformation campaigns, for messages reaching their citizens. control the. and to launch cyberattacks in service of Russian interests.

In a war such as the present, where the reality is that the West is facing Russia and the countries supporting it, it can be said that all resources available to each claimant are being used, with few exceptions such as nuclear weapons. Is. Weapons, technology in its many versions, energy, misinformation, cyber-attacks and everything that can provide immediate or long term benefits.

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